pienzaI am not a full time traveler and never was. I just have this passion to be always in a move, in between new airports, new railway stations, new traditions, new people, new stories. It’s not that I am always able to do that. Life has other duties as well. But I am trying to find opportunities and occasions to pack my luggage as often as it is possible. Sometimes I am travelling with a company, sometimes – I am doing it alone. And incredibly important thing for me is always to have a ticket for my next destination. Or at least – to be sure that on exact day I will be definitely taking off somewhere again.
This craziness started when a few years ago I quit my beloved job in my beloved country Lithuania and left for my Italian dream. There definitely were important travels before this big step as well, but after it – something changed. The need to inbreath different air in a different country for me jumped up in some kind of a higher dimension.
And here I am: till now travelled in 35 countries and lived – in 4 (including my homeland Lithuania). At the moment I am studying and living in Florence (Italy).
On LadyVoyage I will try to share my travel experiences, ideas, personal observations and adventurous stories.
Thank you for reading!

Always Yours,
Gintarė Adamonytė