Renaissance of Lady Voyage: new improved project is about to show up

The most important thing in any sphere of life you choose is in making all the parts of the puzzle to look like they fit. As the genius Van Morrison once said. A month ago I was participating in TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) conference, held in Costa Brava, Spain, what helped me so much to put all the dots on i’s. Meeting with travel writing professionals and devoted enthusiasts was the best experience of all. Despite the fact that mainly all the aspects in this conference were considering travel blogging, but it wasn’t concluding only with that. It was all about the whole wanderlust industry, if I may call the travelling passion like that. Such environments always boost your creativity and push to accomplish all your future ideas faster too. And, that fit me perfectly too ‘cause I already was making tiny steps towards carrying out my new project: after those sunny days in Costa Brava I made a huge decision to push myself into the decent improvement of my good old Lady Voyage.
From now on I am not planning to write any other travel posts on this blog. But don’t get me wrong – Lady Voyage is not disappearing anywhere. It is just changing its shape, instead of the old clothes trying the more professional and generally – the better ones. It’s all about the very well deliberated continuity and no way about the end.
Today I don’t want to reveal all the secrets about the future of Lady Voyage, but very soon I will announce every small detail about this new rising phoenix.
By now I want to say many thanks for you, all my dear readers, who were following my travel stories and at the same time travelling together with me in this one year and a half. Stay tuned, my beloved ones, ‘cause the big surprise is about to come really soon!

Gintarė Adamonytė


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