The best Lady Voyage photos on Instagram in 2014

Travelling is a very visual thing. Stories, which aren’t being illustrated, leave a lot of space for imagination, but don’t show the pure truth. I do believe in saying that it’s better to see once than to hear ten times. That’s why I really like Instagram, letting you to share your best moments from anywhere in the world almost without saying a word.

I was really in late to start using this network, but once I did it – I immediately fell in love with this amazing photo share. So, today I’m inviting you to have a look at the most liked moments on Instagram of Lady Voyage in 2014. It is interesting that despite my travels to various countries last year, all the best 25 pictures were done only in three countries: Lithuania, Finland and Italy…


25. Me, visiting Alberobello this summer:

24. The florentine walls:

23. Shadowed views of Florence Cathedral:

22. Painted hide from one exhibition of Native Americans in Florence:

21. The view from one perfect residence in the heart of Florence, where once I stayed:

20. Dan Brown’s “Inferno” and one of the most important elements of the story behind – Ponte Vecchio with its Vasari corridor:

19. Walls in beautiful Lecce, amazing town, located in Italian region of Puglia:

18. Florence Cathedral’s Baptistery, covered with colourful art:

17. Safari at home. My ginger cat:

16. Roofs of amazing Cortona, located in Southern Tuscany:

15. Night views of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo:

14. The Tribuna of the Uffizi in the Uffizi gallery, Florence:

13. Lithuanian folklore clothes. We were wearing these dresses during one hen party, which we decided to organize in a very traditional way:

12. Reflections and views from the Uffizi gallery in Florence:

11. Lithuanian “Sahara” – dead dunes in Curonian spit:

10. Beautiful Duomo of Florence is as well facing the sad moments….:

9. Portable office and “Spritz”:

8. Beautiful rainbow over the Curonian Lagoon in Nida, Lithuania:

7. Santa Maria Novella church in Florence:

6. The Baltic Sea and snow in Klaipėda, Lithuania:

5. Fall foliage through the window of the old Funicular in Kaunas, Lithuania:

4. Florence Cathedral and magical sky:

3. Once I pictured my amazing lunch – vegetarian sushi with wakame seaweed:

2. Beautiful winter in Santa Claus Village, Lapland:

1. And, the absolute winner of the most liked photos on my Instagram is the moment in the “Caparsa” winery. So, this is the idyllic Tuscany with its light hills, vineyards, and wine:

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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