Alternative to hip vacation: searching for dark tourism in Paris and Milan

When in these days the whole world is filled up with zombies, vampires, witches and all the other similar monstrous creatures from the deepest depths of the ground that may be appropriate to speak about the dark tourism. Usually this type of world’s exploration is closely related with death and burial places, and may include strong emotions too.

Today I won’t invite you to concentration camps or post-war memorial places, dedicated to tens of thousands of dead people. ‘Cause simply I don’t have them on my list yet. Instead, I want to take a walk with you in two beautiful cemeteries, which I’ve visited some time ago. Yes, I am saying beautiful because these places don’t have much in common with all the regular ones. It sounds totally strange visiting cemeteries during your alive trips, but some of them are legendary and really worth your time.

Let’s say, Père Lachaise Cemetery. Who didn’t hear yet about this one in Paris, the eternal resting place of Honore de Balzac, Frédéric Chopin, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Maria Callas, Édith Piaf and hundreds of thousands of other great people? This cemetery is probably the only one in the whole world where you can feel comfortable wandering around the graves and sipping wine at the same time. ‘Cause you know that all the creative souls buried there would definitely understand you!

Less known, but I am daring to say, even more beautiful than Père Lachaise, is Monumental Cemetery in Milan. This is like a museum under the open sky, where you can walk around and admire various sculptures and monuments on the tombs. I don’t know if the word “admire” is appropriate when speaking about cemeteries, but all these masterpieces here really have the strength to impress.

So, would you choose such alternatives during your trips to Paris or Milan?

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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