How to take all the best from your travels?

To visit a new country is one thing, but knowing, how to travel, is absolutely another. Of course, the right way is the one that a traveling one decides! But sometimes it is really easy to get lost in this big big world of wanderlust. It took for me years to find out what I really want from my trips and what kind of experience I am willing to get. Luckily, now I know. That’s why I would like to share with you some personal ways, how I am enriching the quality of my travels. I don’t want to say that it should work for you the same like it works for me – I just want to show, what gives me a possibility to collect the most memorable experiences.

*** So, which trips are the best ones?

When you don’t have any expectations. This is a crucial thing, I should say. When you expect too much, you can easily get disappointed. And, on the contrary, when you are not creating any expectations, you can’t imagine, how life can surprise you!

When you are fully open for a new country, new culture and new adventures. It happens very often, when a group of friends travel and remain interested only about each other. Be open and try to inbreath as much as possible of that different oxygen! Or travel alone because when you do so – all your five sensations remain relieved, freely catching something not felt yet. Always say “yes” to the opportunities, invitations and all possible adventures!

When you leave space for spontaneity instead of making a full detailed plan before your takeoff to the new land. Relax and let the world to offer you some unexpected adventures! Another thing is that careful planning in advance – is just a waste of time because never, like really never, things while travelling are going as you planned.

When you let yourself to get lost in the new city instead of attentively following your paper map or the directions on your smartphone. Because usually all the best things are hidden outside the main streets and important squares. I am definitely not saying that you must skip Taj Mahal in Agra, Louvre museum in Paris or Colosseum in Rome. I am just saying that relax and don’t concentrate too much on the “must visit” spots, because the most precious things remain under the secret and you need to find them by yourself.

When you are going out from your comfort zone and leaving all your fears behind. Try to make the things you’re afraid of! Scared of height? Then, organize yourself a hot air balloon ride! Scared of getting under the water in the fast flowing river? Then, try rafting! Have panic fear of flying? Then, book your flight, get into the plane and take off! A good dose of adrenaline at the end brings euphoria!

When you are trying to familiarize better with the life of a new country, where you’re travelling to. Here, I mean using the local transport, choosing local cuisine, eating in restaurants, popular between locals, or renting the holiday apartments from locals. Just try to see the real life, how people are living! Comfort and luxury is always fine, but at the same time it can close the door for the better cognition of the country. Have you ever though that star-level is really a globalized matter, and things, which you get in the destination country, may be very similar with those ones, which you have at your own? Ok, here I am not referring to really impressive luxury, like so-called 7 stars hotel of Burj Al Arab in Dubai, or skyscraper hotels in Singapore with open swimming pools on rooftops, because that is really amazing experience! I just wanted to underline that if you are searching for unique things, skip those faceless starred hotel chains, known around the world – they are all the same! My suggestion – or choose a really particular luxury, or try to get as much closer with local life of local people, as it’s possible!

When you aren’t strictly following the opinions and experiences of the others. Your own, your personal experience is the only one, which really has importance. Don’t let the negative opinions of the others form your choices because there is absolutely not true that you may face the same on your trip! You all are enjoying different things, you all seek for different results, you all need different comfort and you all may be differently lucky to get in the right place on the right time. May I share some examples from the real life?

Don’t go to Romania, because stray dogs there are attacking people on the streets and are biting them to death! But how many accidents like that are really on the register? Not more than everywhere else in the world. And, when I was in Romania, yes, I saw hundreds of stray dogs, but really none of them appeared as aggressive.
Don’t go to Morocco, because in the hotel they gave worse room, than we booked, we always overpaid for taxi drivers, and were roughly cheated in the Medina! But, maybe on your trip you will be upgraded for a better room than you were willing to get? Maybe in the old bazaar of Medina you will even get extra gifts after buying something? And, if you will familiarize with local rules about taking taxis in Morocco, you will definitely save!
Don’t go to India, because it is extremely poor country, living conditions there are very bad and you will get poisoned from the local food too! I can’t hear these things, I simply can’t. Yes, I saw that big poverty, but this is not the picture, which really depicts this land. I really adored India! This is a country, which has to offer many naturally, culturally, spiritually, adventurously and many other “–ly” valuable experiences. Food poisoning? That could happen anywhere in the world! Just be aware, what you are putting into your mouth, and everything will be OK.

So, at the end, what I would say? JUST GO! Make your own experiences and form your own opinions! And, never get upset if you really didn’t like the place, because you have formed the most important view in life, about which you can be 100% sure, – your own one!

Gintarė Adamonytė


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