Travel ideas for Denmark

I’ve been to Denmark twice – last year and this one. Both of them – in the month of August. Both – by car. Both – complimented with cloudy skies, rainy days and occasional sunlight. I’ve visited all five Danish regions and country’s biggest cities, I’ve walked in the gardens of remote manor houses, I’ve stayed in the agritourism farms, and enjoyed early morning swims in the cold Baltic Sea. Denmark is a country, which really has an offer. So, one only needs to ask himself, what exactly he wants, and then – just choose. May I help it that a bit?


Want to travel across the whole Denmark? Then, take your hippie bus or rent a car! Being free from bus or train schedules really creates an incredibly huge value added. As well, it saves you money too.

Want to have 100% of comfort while moving within the Danish cities? Then, always choose bicycle. That is not only oh so Danish and fast, but as well saves you a lot of money, as public transport in Denmark is pricey. By the way, as I am a big fan of walking on foot, so I do not exclude this way of moving too!

Want to dive into the city rush? Then, head straight to Copenhagen, the capital city, or to Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark. All the other towns are more famous for the tranquil charm.

Want some luxury? Then, have lunch or dinner in one of Michelin-starred restaurants! The selection of them in Copenhagen is really rich.

Want some good art? Then, visit ARoS Kunstmuseum – Art museum in Aarhus. This was a really brilliant artistic complex, where we could spend hours and hours and hours. By the way, it is one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe too.

Want to feel the liberty? So definitely do not miss the freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen. This neighborhood really impressed me a lot by being so particular in comparison with the rest of Copenhagen, Denmark or the whole Europe.

Want to get in contact with the nature? Then, instead of booking a hotel in the city, choose agritourism. Once we’ve stayed in the farmhouse, where around us was only the huge field of crops. Even if I am a city kid, I really enjoyed this agritime.

Want some strong and wild wind? Then, go to Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark, where collide the North and Baltic seas.

Want to make a contact with the past? Then, make yourself a tour by visiting castles or manor houses. Denmark has quite many of them!

Want to find something unexpected? So always wander around what road signs you cross on the way are showing! Exactly like that, absolutely by accident, we’ve found and visited the hidden bison farm with an old manor house.

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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