Copenhagen in less than 24 hours

When you are having a really short time for new places, especially for capital cities, it is nearly impossible to see everything. So, in these cases I am always saying that the best way to enjoy your time is by relaxing and not stressing yourself out with of long list of top places you must see. Because sometimes it is better “qualitative less” than “quantitative more”. Don’t you agree with me?

Such situations, when I have a really tight time, happen for me very often. And, sometimes it really may appear a bit tough or tiring. However, I never came up with the thought, if it is really worth making short trips, when you can’t fully explore the place. Of course this is worth! Always and absolutely! When it comes to travelling, without any doubts I am responding to all possibilities with a huge “yes”. But in this article I won’t be analyzing, how travelling, seeing new countries or changing the regular environment even for an extremely short time positively effects our productivity, mental health and personal growth. We could be waiting “better”, “more comfortable”, “longer” time, when we will have “more money” and could be travelling together with a “good company” all the rest of our life. But, it will never happen. Always there may be something, and the only one possible solution for that is to pack your stuff and Go. Even for a day!


This long introduction actually is a starting point to my very quick trip to Copenhagen, which I’ve done a month ago. We reached by car this capital of Denmark just around the lunchtime (before we were exploring the Legoland), and then in the morning of the next day already needed to pack things for the coming back towards Lithuania.

Wasn’t it crazy to go to Copenhagen for less than 24 hours? Of course that no! Let me explain, why even such a short visit for me was anyway memorable, and why I would suggest doing the same for the others too.

1. First of all there goes the general idea that you are inbreathing into your lungs the air of Copenhagen, of city, which is considered a very hip place in Europe and attracting masses of open-minded people from all around the world. Its creative soul you can see and feel everywhere. The Old Town of the city is very busy and main streets of it are crowded with people. However, it doesn’t create the image of being overcrowded, so you are having the pleasant feeling of the lively atmosphere.

2. I am totally not a fan of various tours and really love exploring city independently by just simply getting lost in it. However, when time is ticking – some guided solutions may become as helpful. In Copenhagen we have chosen to look around by taking a boat tour through the canals. That gave us a possibility to cross some important areas of the city, see various notable buildings, check out the local architecture, get a really close acquaintance with all the tiniest and narrowest bridges, just a few millimeters wider than our boat, and to spot the famous statue of the Little Mermaid (but of course that from the back…). However, in my opinion, if one wants to familiarize with a city for real, the canal tour is the worst solution: it grants only a shallow way of sightseeing, without giving you a possibility to dive straight into the beating city heart.

3. My absolutely favorite place in Copenhagen was the freetown of Christiania, or so-called the Green Light District. Not like the rest tidy and solid part of the city, this area brings you to the absolutely different world with wooden houses or the bricked ones, looking like totally abandoned, with various artist workshops, with strange stores, with number of grunge bars, with its local beer and with never ending smell of marihuana in the air (however, in this case I will not lead myself into analysis of all the possible aspects, related with issue of smoking marihuana). You simply get the acquaintance with a different way of celebrating the liberty. Christiania is extremely colourful and could become a perfect spot for unique shoots, however, taking photos is strictly forbidden there. Despite this fact, I anyway took a risk to make a few secret ones…

4. Copenhagen is full of Michelin-starred bars and restaurants. We accidentally hit to this one, but unfortunately couldn’t have a possibility to enjoy its treasures – the place was full at the moment we entered and for the closest time all the tables were booked too. I’ll keep it to my next visit to Copenhagen then!

5. In my head this is a typical Danish building and I have no idea why, but I love this style. We could see the pictured one through the window from our hotel room, right in the city center. I don’t know how about you, but as I am in love with such combination of grey bricks and white-framed windows, I consider it as The View.

6. Taking a walk in the streets with such names really adds up to the whole experience.


Every step in the new destinations brings new adventures. Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes – very delicate. However, all of them give you something not met yet, what shapes your general understanding of the world, exclusively based on personal experiences, and not on the read ones. I’ve spent in Copenhagen less than 24 hours, and for the pure sightseeing of the city I had not more than 10 of them. Of course, I could not name myself as an expert of it, or say that I already know this city well, but I already have an idea what to expect in this Scandinavian capital. Now I just need to adapt its charm to my mood and one day pack back to Copenhagen for the further explorations.


Extra notes about Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen is not too big, so it is easily possible to walk around the city on foot or by taking a bicycle. That’s why I highly recommend you to stay in the city center. Otherwise, as the prices of public transportation there are not low, so you’ll be spending too much for the underground tickets. By the way, some hotels for their guests are providing bike service.
  • Navigating Copenhagen city center by car is really easy, but the free parking there doesn’t exist. The best solution is to ask your hotel reception about the possibilities of long-term parking because usually they do have special deals with parking lots, resulting in lower prices.

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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