Things to expect when visiting Legoland as a grown up

I am not a huge fan of Lego pieces now. No, actually, I am not a fan at all. I have just beautiful memories left from my childhood, when our super team of me and my brother was creating from them new imaginary worlds after the school. However, this August due to some family reasons I had a possibility to visit Legoland in Billund (Denmark), every kid’s dream. And, even if I have no passion for Lego, I couldn’t refuse this possibility to see one of these places, about which existence a huge part of the world is going crazy.

Yes, I didn’t visit this legendary Legoland, built in 1968, while being a child, and that could be as a big part lost. The same like with Matrix: watching it after release had one impression, but watching it after 15 years usually has absolutely different one… In order to get the full dose of satisfaction, some things are meant to be done on the right time. But from the other hand, better to do later than never at all. I am sure that for kids Legoland may seem like a pure heaven, and when you hear them everywhere around singing “Everything is awesome…”, you get the best proof for it. But, at the same time, I could not tell that visiting Legoland as a grown up for me wasn’t interesting. On the contrary! This place with its inner soul is dedicated for children, but adults are feeling there absolutely ok too.


So, what it’s like visiting the first world’s Lego Kingdom, built in Billund, as an adult? There are 10 things that one may expect in this Legoland: 

1. First of all, one shouldn’t be surprised that the main icon of worship there is Lego detail. Isn’t it the purpose of this amusement park, though? However, all that is coated with different types of attractions, which really may be interesting for grown ups too. Seeing that Safari park, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Bangkok temple, miniature airport, alien world, the Kingdom or any other themed display, built only from Lego details, is really very impressive. That’s definitely an art! Do you like adrenaline? Then, you’ll find yourself comfortable by experiencing various roller coasters.

2. Don’t be afraid of the entrance fee. This is absolutely appropriate for that variety of entertainment, which you get inside. However, if you want to fully enjoy your time by making coffee breaks, having lunch and buying various souvenirs – be prepared to open your wallet widely.

3. Legoland in Billund is really huge. If you want to walk around everywhere and try all possible attractions, one day barely may be enough.

4. Don’t forget that you’ll find there a cinema, real sea life museum and many other attractions too. Legoland is created for children, but at the same time – carefully adapted for the grown ups too.

5. Got tired of walking everywhere around? Give a break for you feet and grab one of the trains, which are making tours around different areas of the park, make a boat ride in the artificial water channels, or get up on the panoramic tower. All that appears as well as a perfect sightseeing possibility of different Lego worlds. However, every beauty in life requires some sacrifice, which in this case may be standing for 20 or 30 minutes in the line…

6. Ok, if I mentioned lines… So, lines are everywhere there: to take a boat ride, to try the rollercoaster in the Old Castle, to get into the Ghost House, to get a take away a cup of coffee, or to pay in the Lego shop…

7. Want to have lunch inside Legoland? I cannot tell about the quality of food, which you can get there, but about the variety of choices from different kinds of cuisines from all around the world – definitely yes, because it’s huge.

8. Want to make a break from the made-up miniature world? Then, have some sopping! Inside the Legoland of Billund there is a shop, where you can buy regular branded clothes (I mean, not the Lego ones).

9. Even though the idea of Legoland may sound like the particular embodiment of plastic, but this is not exactly true. Have you ever heard of the huge outside aquarium with penguins? Or the underwater park with live sharks and various exotic fish, swimming around the Lego submarines.

10. Do you need to make a valuable gift for somebody’s child? Make it there in Billund’s Legoland, where they have the biggest Lego shop in the whole world. The selection of goods they provide is really huge, so one can have the unique possibility to choose something really particular. However, prices there are a bit higher, as well – prepare yourself for waiting in lines, as the quantity of people in this shop seems like is enormous.


What every grown up should like in Legoland? The idea that the world in Legoland was created from millions of Lego bricks. That’s really art.

What may be the most disturbing for every grown up in Legoland? Waiting in lines everywhere.

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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