The fairytale about wine

That idyllic Tuscany is all about hilly landscape, perfectly decorated with symmetrically growing cypresses, dilated olive trees and stretching vineyards, isn’t it? Of course, this Italian region has Pisa with its leaning tower, Florence with world’s Renaissance, Siena with its main square in the shape of shell, and many other very well-known places too. However, none of them brings so much of tranquility, like does the exploring of the outskirts.

Probably one of the biggest green attractions there is Chianti region. And, where is Chianti, there are vineyards. And, where are vineyards, there are plenty of winemakers. And, these winemakers very often open the door for public by inviting guests to the magic world of wine.

Once I’ve already had the guided tour and tasting of different wines in Greve in Chianti area. But some experiences may be repeated twice! As this time we wanted something non-commercial and homey, such wish very quickly led us towards Radda in Chianti, another area of Tuscany, where we knocked on the door of small winery, called “Caparsa”.

In general, guided wine tours like this gives the incredible possibility to familiarize better with the wide world of wine, get the answers to all one’s questions from this field, snoop into the wine cellars, and of course – taste out a number of wines, produced at the place. But it is an absolutely huge value added, when such tour is being led by the owner of the winery himself. And, that was a case of “Caparsa”, where all possible secrets about wine we got knew from its producer Paolo.

So, would it be a place that I could recommend? If you want to meet the professional world of winemaking, touch its primary origins, taste the high quality Chianti Classico wine, but at the same time see the real life of people, infused with pure traditions, find out more about Italian peasant culture and feel extremely homey – definitely yes. But isn’t it exactly what we are looking for? Because the commercial tours we can get everywhere around the globe, but which remain too far from their roots.


Extra details about wine tours in Tuscany

  • In all the wineries there is a possibility to buy their production, what is really advisable. Firstly, because you are taking the product exactly from the first hands, what creates both quality and symbolic added value; secondly, there is always a possibility to choose from the very specific selection, which very likely may not be available anywhere else; and, thirdly, prices I wineries are lower than in commercial selling places.
  • Very often all wine tours are being followed by tastings of locally made olive oil and balsamic vinegar too. A small detail is that taking a bite of bread, dipped into the olive oil, between trying different wines cleans the mouth from the previous taste and helps to clearly understand the following one.
  • Wine tasting works in two ways: you taste it and spit out, like professionals do, or you swallow it. In other words, it’s a question of choice: you get dizzy in the middle of the day or not.
  • Usually all the wineries in Tuscany are located close to small towns, often having not very well developed transport connections with bigger ones. So, going there by car is always the best solution, otherwise one must stick very carefully to the timetables of buses or trains.

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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