Cinema tourism: following “Under the Tuscan sun” in Cortona and Positano

It would be complicated to say, how exactly this idea came, but once I decided to get literally closer to a cinema life and inbreathe the same air, like the main characters of the screen story were doing. And, here I am referring to the “Under the Tuscan Sun” movie. Probably the driving forces for the decision of such travel were the nice plot of the film and the fact that I am living right there in Italy.

The movie was filmed in many places of Italy, but probably the most notable ones were Cortona, a small town in Tuscany, and Positano, super romantic place in the region of Campania. I didn’t visit them both at once: as these two spots are located in different parts of Italy, it took a few months for me to put the ticks, till the story finally came out.
Of course, I was not imitating all the possible steps of the movie. No, I’ve chosen just the towns, where the story was pictured, as the starting points, and then further – followed only my heart and eyes.
My verdict? Just go for it! Both, Positano and Cortona, are incredibly beautiful places. This may be as well a result of my personal love for the small Italian towns, but I am sure that every traveller, for whom pure aesthetics is important, should get impressed.

Cortona and villa Bramasole

Lovely Cortona is a small Tuscan town on the hill, opening incredibly picturesque views of still landscapes around. And, that is really so idyllic: tiled red roofs, finding the perfect harmony with green hilly fields, vineyards and olive trees. This Italian region is in general very famous for such beauty, but exactly Cortona has one more attraction point: there were filmed the most important episodes of the movie “Under the Tuscan sun”. Do you remember how Frances, American woman with broken personal life, comes to Italy and buys the old house in Tuscany? So, this is the place: famous villa Bramasole is located exactly in Cortona.
However, to reach the villa itself is not very easy because there are no concrete signs with directions. Funny aspect was that every person, met on your way, knew villa Bramasole, but all of them showed different directions.
However, who searches, finds! It takes around half an hour on foot from the bustle of Cortona, but that is absolutely not too far, and even not too tiring, despite the fact that you constantly must go uphill and downhill, and again uphill. Just because the views around are disarming in the most beautiful way: shadows of the elegant cypress trees and the landscape from the postcards are really worth such walk.

Villa Bramasole on our visit day was closed for the restoration, so we could not get inside or even come closer. As the building is located a bit uphill and surrounded by fence, we even had no possibility to make the proper photos. But it is enough that the whole world knows the magic of the place to heal the broken hearts!
However, villa Bramasole should not be the main point of visiting because Cortona itself is incredibly beautiful too: narrow streets, beautiful main piazza and panoramic views really has the power.
However, it’s natural that Cortona has definitely nothing in common with a secret gem: you can meet numbers of American tourists, rushing around, and find the posters of “Under the Tuscan Sun” movie, promoting tourism there.

Positano and Limoncello paradise

Do you remember, how Frances in Rome met Marcello, her avventura italiana? And that he brought her to amazingly beautiful town in Amalfi Coast? So that was Positano! I didn’t search for the famous balcony, where the half naked Italiano, broken the ego of beautiful American. Actually, I didn’t search there any particular signs of the movie. I just enjoyed the place itself, which is really aesthetically touching!
I think this town must be a really good choice for the honeymooners because one may find there everything: sea, beach, views, shadow of the hill, very romantic hotels, really good restaurants, luxury shopping, even open-air boutiques, and, in general, very summerish Italian charm. However, the place, having somehow similar atmosphere with Forte dei Marmi, is not for the “on a budget” travellers. But there are things in life, really worth paying!

If I need to bring my thoughts back to Positano, the first reflection, which comes to my head, is the smell of lemons. But it’s not surprising because Amalfi Coast in general is famous for its lemon gardens and traditional Limoncello liquor.
My advice about visiting Positano? Put on the most beautiful dress, jump on heels and go for the dolce vita!

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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