Travelling to Czech Republic: Top picks for Prague

Prague is quite a big city, offering various possibilities to enjoy the capital of Czech Republic. During my staying there I found out many interesting ways of doing so. For now – here’s my list of intelligent, beery, macabre, peaceful, panoramic and culinary things to do in Prague. If you are on a hurry, pick at least one, but if you have time – so try to check them all out! I can ensure that in one way or another you’ll get touched!


Intelligent Prague
That was an afternoon, when we were just strolling the lovely streets of Prague without any huge reason. But then I noticed something, which immediately attracted my attention: “Shakespeare a Synové” bookshop. By now I was impressed at most by the bookstores in Oxford, but this was very striking too, offering a huge selection of literature in various languages. However, probably the biggest quantity of books was in English. I left this bookshop with two good catches, but, speaking frankly, I could buy nearly all… Because that was a love at first sight.
If you love books and come one day to Prague – do not miss this literary paradise!

Beery Prague
Beer lovers should not miss to visit the legendary brewery “U Fleků”. When you open the door to it, you get into another life, bringing you back to some decades back, where dimmed light in the beerhouse, live traditional music of accordion and waiter with round trays full of already filled beer mugs are waiting. By the way, it is interesting that they offer just one type of dark beer, called “Flekovský ležák 13°”. As the brewery represents itself, it is one of the most famous and most visited Czech cultural sites, such as the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Vyšehrad, the Jewish Town or the National Museum. So, the site itself is definitely not the “off the beaten path” idea within Prague, but the unique experience is guaranteed!

Macabre Prague
“The World of Tim Burton” exhibition, which was opened in the House of the Stone Bell, located right in the heart of the Old Town, really stunned me. But only in the very best way! You know the feeling, when you don’t want the experience to end? So that was it. The artworks of Tim Burton are brilliant, and the power of his creativity and incredible loyalty for personal touch can never let one go. Probably the last time I was so impressed only in Lyon, where more than five years ago I’ve visited the show of Keith Haring.

Peaceful Prague
After crossing the Charles Bridge, turn left and search for the famous John Lennon’s wall. This is probably the most colourful part of the city, symbolizing not only the ideas for peace, but as well a free speech of young Czech people, who were fighting against the Communist regime of not that far past. However, probably the most interesting fact there is that John Lennon himself have never visited Prague.

Panoramic Prague
Want to enjoy Prague from above? Then, definitely take a walk up the Letenské Sady Park, which between the locals is known simply as the Letná Beer Garden. This is a place with a chill atmosphere, beloved by young people, coming there just to lie down on the grass and open a bottle of something lightly heady. However, Letná Park probably would not be so popular, if it would not be offering amazing panoramic views, overlooking the whole Prague.

Culinary Prague
Those, who are looking for the traditional Czech tastes, cannot miss out having lunch in buffet type restaurant “Havelská Koruna”. This place really brings you back some tens of years to the past and offers both, very authentic atmosphere and food. The selection has a wide number of meat and fish dishes, however, vegetarians may find interesting solutions too. My choice to try was sauerkraut, prepared in a sweet way, lentils’ stew and egg drop soup with mushrooms.
Despite the fact that this restaurant is really very interesting and straight way to traditional Czech cuisine, prices as well appear as very appealing.

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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