Souvenirs from Prague – David Bowie wine and Bohemian crystal glasses for vampire feast

You’re a first-timer in Czech Republic, you’re a first-timer in Prague. You lift up from the depths of the underground in Wenceslas Square… Then you start searching which streets lead you to the Old Town square… You admire buildings with amazing architecture on your way and you get amazed when you finally reach the destination where you were heading to… Then you make a stop to find out how does the Astronomical clock work, and, after a while, go for the next step – Charles bridge… Seems like the classical route is nearly done. Just the Prague Castle is left, from where you will admire the panoramic view of this beautiful city.

And then, comes a sharp feeling inside – souvenirs and gifts: something for yourself to remember, something for the beloved ones who are waiting for you to come back home…


When I was hanging around the lovely old stoned streets of Prague, I’ve found a few gems, which I’d love to share with you. So what would you choose?

  • Tell me, would that be an expensive collection of handmade glasses from the famous Bohemian glass? Without any doubts that is an absolute artistic masterpiece! I find these glasses a bit spooky and perfectly suitable for the party with Mr. Dracula or Mr. Nosferatu.
  • Maybe George Clooney, David Bowie or Pierce Brosnan charity wine? This is a creation of Spanish Vicente Gandía Winery production, not a Czech one. However, I’ve never seen them anywhere before, so that’s why I’m putting this finding on my list.
  • Would you choose from the solid amount of “Classical Matryoshka“ interpretations?
  • Maybe you would go for some kitty cats or doggy dogs?
  • Or would you stay classic with something classical from the Charles Bridge?

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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