If you’ll be visiting Florence in Italy, it’s very likely that you’ll go to Pisa for the leaning tower, maybe you’ll make a stop in Marina di Pisa beach to get some tan or refresh yourself in fresh waters, and then – you’ll continue to Cinque Terre for the tiny picturesque towns at the sea. This is a classical route, which of course will give you plenty of unforgettable emotions. However, if you have time I highly recommend you to visit Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta. These little townships are located on the way from Pisa to La Spezia, which is a place for a train change to Cinque Terre.

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is famous for its luxury hotels, high-end shopping and nearly the most expensive beaches in the whole Italy. The charm there is really fantastic. I must admit that before going to Forte dei Marmi I had some preconceptions that it may be just a bubble ready to burst, but I changed my mind very quickly.

This small town, situated in northern Tuscany, reminded me somehow of a fairytale. Beautiful beautifully dressed people, lovely bars, cozy restaurants, brightly blooming flowers everywhere around and incredible order in streets. Yes, sounds a bit like a vanity fair, but that was a very aesthetic vanity fair. I wouldn’t mind participating in it for a longer holiday one day.

Forte dei Marmi is famous for Tuesday Market, which on summertime is opened on Sundays too. It is different from the others with its special selection of designers’ clothes and shoes, as well – many items branded as “Made in Italy”. Prices there are definitely lower, but that not necessarily means incredibly cheap. For example, for the designer shoes from older collection you may be paying 200 Eur instead of 1000 Eur. At the same time, I don’t mean that all the things cost this money there: even 10 Eur may be enough if you’re lucky to make a good hunt. Yes, because like in all the other markets, one must be fortunate to catch a good catch. There it is definitely possible to make a good shopping for good prices, but to find things, particular for your taste, may be not very easy in the whole mass of the items.


Another lovely town in this area is Pietrasanta. As situated more inland, it doesn’t have beach, but location below the Apuan Alps, known for their marble quarries, is not less beautiful.
Pietrasanta – charming small Tuscanian town. Walking around is eye-catching and relaxing even if you’re there at pausa pranzo, when mainly all commercial places are closed for a midday break.
Probably this wouldn’t be a place for long holidays, but making a short break really widens your Italian horizon.

By Gintarė Adamonytė



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