My first acquaintance with Turkey: Bodrum

When I was visiting Kos Island last month – I simply couldn’t refuse to visit Turkey. Firstly, because I’ve never been to this country before. Secondly, it is just a half an hour away by ferry. And, thirdly, Kos is so tranquil place that getting out for a day to the rush can give you the necessary balance.

So, one morning we finally packed for Bodrum


Emotions covered me when I finally got out from the ferry terminal and put a step on a real Turkish land. From the very first sight you could tell that it was not Greece anymore. Smell of various species and a call to prayer from minaret very quickly brought me to a new world.

However, I do believe that it was not the realest Turkey too. It’s a super touristic spot, especially around the areas close to the port. Tiny streets of Bodrum bazaar are filled up with small shops, where one can buy nearly everything: from water pipes to coffee pots, from clothes and bags to the fake Versace bed linens. This part of the city is very vivid, but quickly you notice that the main person there is a tourist, keeping in hands the transparent plastic bag with Turkish delights inside. From the other hand it is amazing that the place is able to attract such masses of curious foreigners, ready to spend there a bunch of money (by the way, despite the fact that currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira, Euros are accepted nearly everywhere).

Some of them take Bodrum as a place for a day or few, some – as the starting point for the deep further explorations of a country. I was a half-day incomer there. It is absolutely too short time for making an opinion about the country, but the first sight in all situations anyway does exist. The main thing I can tell that I loved Bodrum because it opened me the door to a new country. Next time probably I would be skipping it and heading deep down the inland, but it always will remain as “my first of Turkey”.

Here are some observations about Bodrum, which left me the deepest footprints in my memory:

– The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, located in the Bodrum Castle, is a really great place to visit. Inside of it there are many various streets, squares, stairs, as well inner and outer exhibition places. Actually, this is one of the best arranged museum that I have ever been to. History is perfectly visible there and the modern ways to represent it even strengthens the general impression. As well – panoramic views of the port and town are guaranteed there.

That was Tuesday, a day when the famous Tuesday market in Bodrum opens the door and welcomes visitors, ready to spend some money. I was curious to visit it too, so headed straight there. It takes around 15 minutes on foot to reach the place from the port. This market is quite big, located under the roof and offers various things to buy. But one shouldn’t be expecting the miracle there. In my opinion, the crowded, but colourful, Bodrum bazaar is much more interesting place than this market.

– Food in Bodrum? Of course, kebabs are being served on every corner. However, my vegetarian soul wasn’t interested in this traditional dish. I would underline a few sweets instead. I didn’t try none of them, but my attention was really caught by lokmaci (traditional doughnuts with sugar syrup), and Turkish dondurma (elastic ice-cream, with which the vendor really makes incredible performances).

Some random shots in the streets of Bodrum:

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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