Courage while travelling: shack on the beach instead of the hotel

We have met them on our coastal walk towards Mastichari town on the island of Kos. That was a family, settled down right there on the sandy beach with turquoise waters in front.

Father in his fifties was carrying drinkable water, mother of the same age comfortably sitting in the open shack and their barefoot daughter in her twenties – making various dancing figures. You could hardly guess their country of origin, but their free hippie spirit was recognizable very easy.

Their shack was built from the sea wave-polished white branches and decorated with bows and hanged bottles filled up with water. Through the porous walls you could see the stretched plaids and personal belongings. Family was staying there. Right there on the beach, in the draughty shack. In the hands of a nature. Who knows, for how long they were living like that? But, if one could ever get tired of gazing at the distances of the blue sea?

Things they had and general stature of the family were definitely prompting not about having no place where to stay, but about courageous choice of wealthy people, wanting to run away from the society’s standards. Especially their decision got underlined in the picture with huge holiday resorts and starred hotels around…


This is a perfect example, how free one can be while travelling. All depends just on the courage and a general willingness of doing. Would you go for such adventure?

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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