Where to eat in Kos?

May I invite you to the lovely restaurant for a Greek vegetarian lunch? Ok that actually would be Greek one, but with the Mediterranean touch of Kos island. Despite the fact that locals really enjoy fish and meet dishes, those who are vegetarians will not be left hungry there. This cuisine really has to offer many delicious options!

If you are roadtrippin’ around Kos, make a stop in Tigaki and search for Ampeli Taverna. But not look in the busy main street: a few kilometers must be done outside the touristic rush. Yes, this restaurant as well is ready to welcome international guests, but the place by itself is nice and serves really delicious food. “Where would you go for a lovely lunch in Kos”, I asked one local, got this suggestion, and after all didn’t get disappointed.

Actually, there you’re entering the garden, with olive trees, growing vegetables and freely walking hens. The green tunnel leads to the open arbor, where number of tables with checkered tablecloths is waiting.

Selection of authentic food is wide and prices are really not high. Moreover, this place in the middle of nowhere has a free wi-fi. So planning your further trip while waiting for food is really a good idea!

All that absolutely doesn’t have anything in common with a rough advertising: I really liked a place, so without any worries want to recommend it. However, there is one issue: I had better Greek salads in my life before. But in such cases I am always saying that there must be the balance between good and bad…

So, there are a few Greek vegetarian dishes, which we’ve chosen for our one lovely lunch earlier this month:


by Gintarė Adamonytė


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