10 things to expect in Kos (photos)

Low-cost airlines now are offering runaways to various small Mediterranean islands. Greek ones like Crete, Rhodes and Kos are on the list too. A long time ago I was enjoying so-called-by-locals “Bounty” beaches as well as incredible Greek salads in Crete, and earlier this month I – checked out the atmosphere of the tiny Kos. Are you planning a quick jump or the whole holidays there? So it should be interesting for you to read what really to expect in Kos.


1. I saw Kos as very agricultural island, where in between of fields with cattle are embedded huge resorts. Huge resorts, usually having distances from the bigger towns. Here, I am referring to idea that if one wants to escape from there and spend some nighty time, cannot just simply walk to the town: car or taxi is needed.

2. Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, so that’s not surprising why on every corner you can find things, related to the Father of medicine. During my trip there I was walking by the ruins in Asklepion, where the Hippocrates has built one of the first known hospitals in European civilization, as well – caught a shadow under the Hippocrates tree in Kos town. Under this platane, according to the legend, father of medicine was teaching his pupils. By the way, Greeks are launching very interesting business plan by selling as souvenirs the dried leaves of the Hippocrates tree attached to the papers with a printed text about this figure.

3. Kos town is really busy comparing with the others on the island. One there can find ancient ruins, castle, old market square, and the whole atmosphere, depicting antique times. All that, at the same time, is spiced up by modern cafes, restaurants, port with number of colourful yachts and ships parked at the shore. However, you feel that Kos town, as well as the whole island, is a very touristic place, in summer living its Golden Age, and in winter – getting into deep sleep.

4. Nowhere else in Europe is that easy to rent a car like in Kos: no credit card needed, no big bureaucracy. Go to your hotel reception, ask for the car rental company representative, choose a car, show your passport, sign, pay and go. Price of the economical car is 30-35 EUR per day, but you could be asked for 50 EUR or even more. So, don’t forget to negotiate! Car in Kos due to island’s small size is needed for one or two days, but not more.

5. Don’t think about GPS! Kos is too small to get lost, so enjoy the good old way to check the routes from the paper map. As well, parking on the island is everywhere free. Ok, private parking with a payment may be existing too, but I didn’t hear about one.

6. Is it possible to drive over the Kos in one day? Yes, it is possible, if you take a car. We started from the place close to Mastichari, went to Kos town, circled the whole island and finished with Kefalos, on the way stopping in the spots, which caught our attention. As we were travelling by car, I cannot tell if that would be possible to do by buses due to their timetables’ compatibility.

7. Prices of taxis in Kos are starting from 10-15 EUR per way, despite the distance, which may be just a kilometer or two.

8. Lovely way to spend time in Kos is making long walks by the sea from one town to another.

9. There are plenty of different beaches. Usually they are open for everyone, but some of them are reserved just for the guests of the hotel, owning exact place. Interesting to check is the Therma beach, where water is warmed up by the hot springs coming from the mountain.

10. Kos airport is very small, however those who are thinking about the last-minute gifts from the island shouldn’t be worrying. The selection of various local things is really sufficient for such a small departure area.

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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