Trip to Africa without packing and border-crossing

Actual travelling touches your all five senses: you see, you hear, you smell, you taste and you feel what’s not experienced yet. Or maybe already experienced, but so beloved, that you are coming back to a place again and again. However, sometimes journeys are possible without packing and border-crossing too. Choose culture, which you are not that familiar with, participate in its traditional celebration and get totally surprised! This time I am referring to special Cameroon Independence day’s celebration, some time ago held by Cameroonian community in Florence, to which I was invited.

I must admit that I didn’t know their culture and way of living that much before, so this event really widened my horizon. Event, which touched all my five senses, gifted me a trip even without the actual travelling, which really brought me to the far Africa: from Cameroonian cuisine to traditional clothing catwalk demonstration, from appearance of celebrity-singers to dancing in the circle of African women, from official talks of Consulate members to carefully prepared program for all the guests.

In photo gallery – some moments, caught by my camera:

Some time ago I already shared a few stories about meeting different cultures without direct travelling. You can find them there: My foodie experiences: African and Middle East cuisines

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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