Meeting materialized ideas of artists – way of travelling too

Checking out the creations of locally based independent designers may be the way of travelling too. Especially, when those locally based artists in your destination are actually gathered from all over the world. Now I am referring to the one pop-up shop, which was opened for a few days in Florence. There hand-made accessories, jewelry, clothing and other materialized ideas of artists were waiting for the guests. Such events are not necessarily about buying things. And, even, not about liking things, as the taste is very personal criteria. What’s for sure that you get the great possibility to speak with artists, observe their cultural creative mentality and, at the same time, visit unexpected spaces of the city.

By the way, by the latter fact of the event, actually, I was impressed at most. Imagine, that you enter the sole tiny door, caved in a huge wall without any other doors or windows, climb up to the upper floor by narrow stairs and finally get inside the bright studio, located in a greenhouse of one Florentine villa. Through the windows all you can see is just a greenery in a spacious inner garden. Who could expect such place between all the stony cobbles and walls right in the city center, just a few steps outside the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral?


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