Days, when Florence glorified out loud the ice-cream

Since 2010 there is one more festival, celebrated under the Tuscan sun. And, here I am referring to the seriously advertised event, specially dedicated to the ice-cream.

Gelato is one of the most important symbols in Italy: families go out just to eat them while sitting in gelateria, those, who are always on a hurry, in summer grab gelato for lunch, and travelers, coming to this Mediterranean country, are trying out all possible flavours without any resistance for such pure icy magic. However, usually one is enjoying this small miracle within privacy, but a few times per year ice-cream in Italy is being celebrated out loud. Like, last weekend in Florence.

Home-made ice-cream producers during this feast were representing their created tastes and were fighting for the greatest sympathies from the visitors.

–       Oh, this gelato has really rich flavour. You can absolutely feel the chocolate.
–       Try this one. Sounds good, but unfortunately, it has the taste like one orange squeezed in three liters of water…
–       I really love pistachios!
–       This one with pumpkin is amazing. Even better than last year! Just what kind of jam is on top?
–       No, this ice-cream tastes too strong for me. I do not like pecorino sheep cheese that much. Would you like to change?

My company and I were acting like the greatest judges, deciding what is worth our palates and what is not. This game was really pretty funny, especially when we had what to compare with, because all of us spent quite a time in this country and already tried out amazing ice-creams in the past.

Before in my life I’ve tasted gelato made from tomatoes, basils, pecorino cheese and beer, so I was really happy to add on my strange list pumpkin one too, which, by the way, was really unforgettable!

This festival was a great show in late spring’s Florence. However, if one is willing to find there an uncountable number of different tastes for cheap prices, it’s not a right place. Event is quite pricey, comparing with what you get for it, and selection may be way much bigger in any regular gelateria in town. As well, one should be prepared to wait for their chance to taste gelato in lines without any possibilities to hide from the sunshine.

But, despite these aspects, selfie with the “wafer-man” and my previously mentioned fantastic pumpkin ice-cream saved this year’s festival, and I already forgot that there were organizational issues, waiting to learn their lessons!

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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