The Verdict by Lady Voyage: London Eye

I am starting a new column The Verdict by Lady Voyage. There I will share my personal impressions, express observations and give final evaluations about various my visited places in the world.

As the first attraction for this new column I am daring to choose London Eye, a spot, annually having 3.5 million visitors.

London Eye, the legendary panoramic wheel, always, without any exceptions, is being mentioned as one of the must visit attractions in the UK’s capital city. However, for me it took 4 years of continuous travels to London till I finally checked this place out. So, how did I like it at the end? Before telling my final verdict, I want to share my impressions, what it really feels like turning on this giant wheel.

  • To buy a ticket for London Eye it is definitely better online. That’s not only cheaper this way, but you don’t need to wait in the line too.
  • Before getting into the capsule, you and your group are being photographed. So, after rotating the wheel, on the exit, you can see your photo and choose if you want it to be printed. However, for such tiny souvenir-like memory with you, captured in London eye, be prepared to pay 15-20 pounds.
  • I was surprised how gently this wheel turns and actually you are not feeling the movement at all. Ok, maybe just when you appear on the very top and your capsule catches some wind, but anyway that lasts for a second or few.
  • Capsules actually are very spacious and never being filled up with a crowd of people: you set off just with a small group. Inside there is plenty of space to walk around and enjoy all parts of London from various corners you want. Moreover, in the middle of the capsule there is a big bench to sit and admire the city from the bird’s-eye view more comfy.
  • You can book a capsule for your own private party or other occasion.
  • In each capsule you find tablets, mirroring and explaining the places of London you are seeing. As well, through tabs you can check out digital 360-degree panoramic views and city views at night.
  • London Eye experience takes time, so one shouldn’t be stressing out about capturing all the corners of London as quickly as possible. There will be a plenty of time for your personal photoshoots, so relax!
  • While rolling on London Eye, you once again can face the truth that “it’s not about the beauty” in life. London is absolutely great city, where one can find everything that he or she desires in life. This city for the willing ones will give opportunities, motivation, will help to grow and improve oneselves. However, despite these facts, London is definitely not the most beautiful city in the world. And, I am even not afraid to say that it is simply grey. But, let’s not forget that platinum, metal more expensive than gold, as well is grey…
  • Don’t miss the 4D London Eye Experience – a 3.45 min length movie with really great special effects. This attraction is being shown in the London Eye Ticket Office in County Hall.

Overall verdict: 6/10. Are you expecting something thrilling, mind-blowing and shiver-making? Of course, it depends, what type of attractions give you the biggest excitement, but London Eye is probably not about that. I’ve spent a nice time trying it out, especially when we had a special private occasion to celebrate. However, emotions didn’t stay for long. I am happy to be able to tick a point on the list, but the idea to sit in one of the restaurants in the Shard, enjoy cocktail and watch London even more from above with the London Eye itself in the view sounds more romantic, no?

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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