New “must visit” spot in Florence

And there we have a new hip place in Florence. So hip that it immediately became one of my favourites. There I would come back again with a pleasure and definitely make a tour for my foreign guests.

A place, which smells fresh basil leaves and just now baked bread.

A place, where you may see pizzaiolo napoletano tossing pizza dough in the air, meet a chef with Dali’s moustache, representing his special soup, or find cooks with striking eyewear, offering you to taste home-made pasta with the Mozzarella di Bufala sauce and basil ristretto.

A place, where you can refresh yourself with spinach juice, taste out various cold beers or enjoy a glass of Chianti Classico wine, which in the world is known as Tuscany’s business card.

A place, where you are able to attend the high-end cooking classes or sign in the sommelier courses.

A place, where you can make shopping in Eataly, the food market chain, which so far, together with the Whole Foods, are my favourite ones in the world.

A place, which still smells fresh paint and new furniture, but already attracts masses who love modernity, in classical Italy still rarely met, and quality.

A place, which is just a newly opened 1st floor of the Central Market, full of Italian gourmet treasures. Again, food? But when speaking about Italy, it is simply nearly impossible not to touch this aspect. Food is like religion in Italy, worshiped by every local and being very quickly adopted by newcomers.

I could never imagine that such introduction I will dedicate for a market. But that is truly a new perfect place to visit, which really impressed me. Mercato Centrale, the covered hall market in Florence, is one of the city’s symbols. Opened in 19th century, that was a main place for food shopping or grabbing a quick lunch. This spot as well was visited by masses of tourists, where in one area they could find, see, smell and even taste so many traditional Italian foods.

The Central Market was always a legendary place. However, in the past days you could feel that its charm started to fade away, so innovations were really needed. And, here we have them!

In the photo gallery – moments from the opening day on 23th May:

By Gintarė Adamonytė


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