Easter in Florence – with fireworks and cow parades

Easter in Florence is never silent. One hour before midday the Cathedral square fills up with impassable crowd. And, the main reason for this massive gathering of people is Scoppio del Carro, explosion of the cart. After going with a procession in city streets, the so-called brindellone finally stops in Piazza del Duomo, and starts exploding fireworks for next 20 minutes, following with continuous ringing of church bells. It is interesting that this tradition of celebrating Easter actually got its form, familiar for us now, in 15th century. Quite a long-lasting one!

I’ve gathered together with all others for this occasion already twice. Unfortunately this year I missed the explosions, because they decided to make it earlier than it was announced…. (So, I illustrated scoppio with photos from last year.) However, parade of Chianina breed cows with wreaths on their heads redeemed this loss!


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