10 ways to spend Sunday by Lady Voyage

Sunday is a brilliant day when you can close the paper of the old week and prepare to open the new blank one of the next. At the same time, it is a perfect chance to finish what’s not done yet or finally to have time for the guiltiest pleasures without feeling sinful…

Why not to put everything in the frames of travel and try to dream about variations of the possible ways, how to spend Sunday in different countries of the world? Probably most of all I’d love to sunbath in Waikiki beach with Mai Tai in my hands or have a walk in Kiwi birds’ sanctuary in New Zealand… Sounds nice, no?

Now I will narrow the frames and will ask again myself, what I’d like to do today when having in mind my already visited countries?

Iceland. Iceland is the country of nowhere in nowhere. You can drive for hours there and see just a pure nature everywhere around without any footprints of human civilization. I could give everything for the possibility to repeat such road trip! This photo was done in Snæfellsjökull National Park.

Comino, Malta. Malta archipelago is formed by three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. First two biggest ones I’ve visited, but the smallest Comino – so far not. Sunday there with Blue Lagoon and its transparent waters? Sounds nice!

Alleppey backwaters in Kerala, India. Does this picture need any comments, why? Sitting in the boat and chilling in the Alleppey backwaters in Kerala, India. I did it, and I’d absolutely love to repeat it again. And, again. And, again…

Brasov, Romania. I would love to discover much more of Transylvanian city Brasov in Romania. For me it looks extremely beautiful, so I wouldn’t mind disappearing somewhere there for a while and maybe even meeting some local vampires.

Fez, Morocco. I saw quite much of the Medina in Fez, Morocco. However, the Jewish area, located just within a walking distance from there, during our trip appeared in the second place of the plan. So I’d definitely love to check out the Jewish labyrinths now.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sunday, Amsterdam and movie in one of the most beautiful cinema theatres in the world, called Pathé Tuschinski, could perfectly fulfill my today’s evening.

Paris, France. Paris is a city of new discoveries. In my opinion, it is simply impossible to be done with it. I’ve been there a few times before, and I’d return – a least ten more. So, what about the idea to get lost in Paris on lovely Sunday?

London, UK. In London I’d make a great visit to all those small hip bookshops. I love the idea of today’s printed books and their liberty, their freedom in terms both of the content and of the physical expression.

Molėtai, Lithuania. I am curious not only about the horizontal, but about the vertical travels too. However, as long as Cosmos tourism is not that easily accessible, I’d choose to spend a Sunday in Molėtai Astronomical Observatory in Lithuania.

Anywhere. I adore tattoos, so I definitely wouldn’t mind being in any tattoo salon and getting some new ink. Where in the world? As I started collecting my foreign tattoos, so could be anywhere.

What about your choices for Sunday?

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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