Italy off the beaten path: Parma (photos)

How many times on my way from Florence to Milan or back I passed Parma, but never had a possibility to visit this Italian town, famous for its legendary king of the cheeses Parmigiano Reggiano, worldwide known Prosciutto di Parma ham and “Barilla” brand pasta. However, a month ago I finally did it. Even if there was not enough time for a full exploration, but that was enough to feel the charm.

Parma, located in Emiglia-Romagna region, is a student town too. It has big university, so young souls are visible everywhere. Even in the middle of the week evening streets are full of voices and laughs.

Morning has its own rush. Everybody is on a hurry for the day duties. Only I that one early Friday morning didn’t have haste, so after my favourite Caffè Latte taken at a bar somewhere close to Duomo I set off for a new discovery. Discovery of the rich and beautiful town, but still never listed as one of the “Top Must Visit” cities in Italy.

Morning sightseeing, lunch with lovely pizza, and I was finally ready for my last Parma experience – afternoon departure to London from the Parma International airport. And, this one is tiny. Really tiny. As well, it has just a few flights per week. Flying from Parma airport for the first time? Take care about souvenirs before getting there, otherwise you will land with empty pockets. Inside there is no shop, and a small bar with limited selection or the vending machines don’t appear as helpful. At the end, I adore checking out new airports!

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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