London: a stroll from Portobello Road Market to the legendary Abbey Road

Probably there are one thousand and one or even many more ways to spend Saturday in London. Earlier this month I was again a guest in this always inspiring city and we decided to dedicate that day of the week to the legendary Abbey Road where I’ve never been before.

Our journey started with Portobello Road Market. This storied place is alive around 150 years and till now attracts masses of people. If you like various vintage things, you’d definitely spend there a bunch of money. As I am not a big lover of such antiquities, I was more interested in the general atmosphere of this market. This is an absolutely perfect place just to hang around, play people-watching game and simply relax with, let’s say, hip bottle of beer in your hands. This one of “Top 10 Must Visit” attractions in London is nice to be done, but at the end I know that I prefer more the Broadway Market. Yes, its concept is totally different, but I speak about general charm… ŸŸŸŸŸŸ

ŸŸŸAs you continue walking down the Portobello Road, you will definitely hit the crossroad where on one of its corners gather people. And, the reason of this unexpected posing-for-cameras crowd is the legendary Blue Door from the Notting Hill movie. Do you remember that love story with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? So this is it, one of the filming locations. ŸŸŸ

ŸŸŸThen we continued our on-foot-trip towards the Abbey Road with crossing so many elegant British streets and making a break in one of the parks together with the company of a squirrel.ŸŸŸ..

ŸŸŸThe area, where locates the Abbey Road, is kind of calm and quiet. I remember myself thinking that on exact crossing, where around 45 years ago legendary Beatles shooted their album cover, will be a tranquil enough place too, with birds singing in the trees… But that was an absolutely wrong thought. Seems like after finally turning from another street to the Abbey Road, together you put a step in another planet. There were many coming-and-going people, having a piece in their heart dedicated to the Beatles, and whose main aim was to make a photo in the same manner how in 1969 John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison did. Actually traffic in the Abbey Road is not the lightest one, so I am sure that drivers, choosing this street, must be very patient and always prepared to push the breaks at the crossing…

Are you alone or want to make a photo together with all your company? That’s not a problem. There “works” a guy, who can be your personal photographer! He stops the traffic, in a few moments makes some shoots of your performance on the Abbey Road crossing and finally leaves in your personal camera a great memory of your time in London. Of course, all that comes not from the good wills. This pleasure costs 4 pounds. I am just wondering, how much money does he make in a day when there are some many people, using his service… I never count money of the others, but in this case just a simple curiosity turns on…ŸŸŸ

ŸŸŸI decided to make a variation and instead of walking the famous Abbey Road crossing, I’ve chosen to get there a comfy seat in a Lotus pose… Even if it lasted not more than 3 seconds…ŸŸŸ

ŸŸŸOf course, the biggest attention goes to Abbey Road crossing, but Abbey Road Studios, located just in front of the famous zebra, is not forgotten too. From the Beatles to Pink Floyd, from Kylie Minogue to the Lord of the Rings. These are the names, in whose works this record studio put a big stamp.ŸŸŸ

So, that was one of my choices to spend a Saturday in London, and such itinerary didn’t disappoint me. Maybe it could become an idea for you too?

By the way, I am just curious, if you’ve already done the Abbey Road? And, if yes, what variation did you make on the legendary crossroad in front of the camera? Share your idea!

 By Gintarė Adamonytė


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