Picture of the strangers, painted by innocent spying…

In the city center of Florence I adopted one traditional Italian café where I am usually heading alone – it’s a great place for changing the environment when I need to get my works done. So, I bring there my computer, order a few coffees and productively disappear into the screen.
Yesterday I spent in this place a good piece of afternoon. But this time I allowed myself not only to get over-concentrated with my things, but to pay more attention to the environment around, and even silently dive into some conversations of the others…

Three American students, sitting at the table next to me, were speaking about life here in Florence and gossiping about friends without forgetting to mention both their names and surnames. At the same time, the only guy from the company unveiled his secret and shared his dream to write an easy book, which would be perfectly suitable for a coffee table.
My attention was caught by one interesting couple too: young black guy in his twenty’s and twice older “mama” type white woman, who fluently spoke Italian, but definitely was not from Italy. They were planning wedding. And, she was calling him a “poor boy”…
As well worth mentioning is one lady over 50, who entered the café with a dog, went straight at the bar, ordered a glass of prosecco, drank it all with a few sips while standing, exchanged some words with the barista and left out.
I pictured a moment of the contrasting collision of generations too, when a man over 60 was gentlemanly helping for his same-aged beloved woman to put on a furry coat, and right beside them a group of youngsters with piercings and tattoos were ordering something at the bar…
When I packed to go, I still remained in the “listening to the strangers’ conversations” mood. So when straight after the café I went to the shop to buy some things, I hit a situation when a guy wanted to return a tetra-pack of tomato and celery juice, which he recently bought. And, the reason: he was thinking that it should be beer. So, when he opened the pack, tasted out and got disappointed – returned to the shop and started fighting for his rights to get his money back for this misunderstanding…
Oh, dear life, aren’t you interesting?


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