What about Florentine Renaissance with some chocolate sprinkles?

Once I’ve already wrote, that in winter Italy smells like chocolate. And, this idea comes from Cioccolata calda, which is being served nearly everywhere. But for a full survival a cup of hot sweet treasure is not enough. So at the same time during the coldest season of the year Italians are warming up their hearts with various sweet food events. A recent one, which I hit a few days ago, was a Chocolate fair in one of the main squares of Florence. Such events collect in one place various different producers from one specific region or the whole Italy who are representing and selling their own typical products.
During the Florentine Chocolate fair a few dozens of Italian chocolate masters gave a possibility for citizens and city guests to have a closer look to the pure milky-dark world. Milk chocolate with whole peppers or dried mint leaves, strong dark one, chocolate with chili, cubes of creamy pralines, fresh strawberries with hot chocolate, chocolate liqueurs, kitschy chocolate masks, Cinderella shoes or iPhones. And, even French macaroons found their way to this fair. So definitely, selection is adapted for everyone’s taste.
And probably the aspect, which I love most about this and all the other Italian food fairs that you always have a possibility to taste out nearly everything without any paying. Advice to go for such events with an empty stomach is a really good one.
Florentine chocolate fiera was not the first of this type where I’ve been. Some years ago we checked out chocco-show in Pioltello, a small town close to Milano. Actually that one for me was much more impressive because the smell of chocolate you could feel not only in one square, but in the whole town too.
However, all the foodie events in Italy are interesting to see. So my never-changing advice is that if one is planning to visit Italy, checking out what’s on a calendar could really end up with some extra unforgettable emotions. And, there always suppose to be something: I do not think if Italians have any month without celebrating the Food.


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