Trip abroad, lasting less than 24 hours. Would you go for it?

Some people are buying holiday packages for 7 or 14 days, some – organizes trips by themselves for 10 days. But there are people who don’t care about the pure fulfillment of holidays and go abroad even for one night. For example, me and, I am sure, many others like me. I already wrote about my one-night trip to Switzerland, but in my life there had been more of similar short-term runaways to another country. For now I would like to mention two of them.

One night in Warsaw, Poland
Trip, which probably asked the most effort from all was when we decided to go to Warsaw (Poland) from Vilnius (Lithuania) just for one night. And, effort in this case I have in mind spending more than 8 hours on a bus one-way. I remember very well that we finally step on the Polish land at 6pm and our bus back to Lithuania was waiting for us at 8am: 14 hours of fun were waiting for us. And, what to do in Warsaw at night? It depends on personal preferences, but you want it or not I am absolutely sure that in one moment or another you will finally hit a bar or club. You can meet good old friends, you can meet new ones, you can have dinner in a nice restaurant or you can try to picture out the darkest city’s face with your professional camera, but there will appear a situation when you will find yourself in a lively place with many others around, sipping something that tends to warm up. However, Warsaw is not a never-sleeping city and there is an hour when the majority of places finally close. But if you are having similar trip, before heading back to the bus station check out at what time it opens. Otherwise, instead of having one more drink in centre, you will spend time waiting for your bus at the bar close to the station surrounded by strange locals, like happened for us.
Top thing from this short trip to Warsaw: During this trip we had to use taxi for a few times, but once we got so lucky because the driver didn’t take any money from us. Till now I cannot understand how did it happened that we faced such kindness…
Notion: We had this trip in late October what means that night was already cold enough. If it carries any importance for you, consider the weather temperature.

One day in Riga, Latvia
Once one local bus company was celebrating its birthday and for this reason made a special offer: on a day of birthday all moustache-ones are travelling for free. So of course, who says that women cannot have some elegant Dali-style facial hairs? Eyeliner, a few touches and here we are.
This time we went for a free half-a-day trip from Kaunas (Lithuania) to Riga (Latvia). As we had already been there before, during this short trip we were not stressing ourselves out about sightseeing. Changing the place by itself was very refreshing aspect, so just hanging around without an aim worked perfectly well. Our free bus back home to Lithuania needed to be at 3am, so we decided to jump into the cinema, which is close to the station, for the midnight movie. At such hour one cannot expect a wide selection of different films, so we hit the first one available: huge pack of pop-corns, Coca-Cola and some pairs of tired eyes after a perfect day were ready for an American comedy. Why not heading to the local party? Because sometimes a puffy chair your body needs more…
Top thing from this short trip to Riga: Those who like various types of travelling should be always aware about special offers because it is really possible to travel abroad absolutely for free.
Suggestion: In Riga Old Town, exactly in Palasta Street, we accidentally hit an amazing bar “Ezītis Miglā”, named after the famous Soviet cartoon “Hedgehog in the Fog”. Not very often happens that you find really your style place with a perfectly easy atmosphere simply by chance.

Somebody may say that such trips are just a wasting of time, but I totally disagree. I think while you are having fun in one way or another, while you are happy with your situation, while you are feeling more than comfortable with your company, while you are gaining experience and at the end while you are taking your absolute tiredness as an adventure all this means that it is a perfect choice to spend time. Every activity, which makes people happy, is worth doing so without any doubts and absolutely doesn’t matter even if your time spent on the road was much longer than the one spent at the arrival place… Do you remember Steven Tyler singing “Life’s a journey, not a destination”?


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