How I was shaking hands with the real Santa from Lapland…

What can be more idyllic than speaking about the real Santa Claus during Christmas? In the North country where the snow flakes fall… No no, I am not about Bob Dylan. I am about Northern part of Finland, more precisely – about Lapland and its capital Rovaniemi. So, this is the place where Santa Claus is living, where his elves are creating miracles for the children from all over the world and from where the letters with the Christmas father’s signature are being sent. I met this fairy figure for the four times in my life, but the most memorable was the last one some years ago: after digging in my old photo archives I found a few captured moments when I was chatting and shaking hands with him.

So, together with sharing this moment I want to wish you all at least once in a lifetime meet the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. Emotions are guaranteed!
Yes, all this world is just a story created. But why not to get into it? Why not at least for a moment become believers in always smiling white-bearded-red-dressed man, travelling the world by flying into the sky with a reindeer carriage? I do believe in this Christmas symbol and always will.

Merry Christmas, my Dear readers!

by Gintarė Adamonytė


3 thoughts on “How I was shaking hands with the real Santa from Lapland…

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