My foodie experiences: African and Middle East cuisines

Travelling gives you a possibility to widen your own horizon in so many different ways. And, if you are going to one country, it is very likely that you’ll face much more of the world than you really expect. Let’s say – trying out different cuisines. And I am not speaking about going to Chinese or Japanese restaurants when you’re in London, choosing Mexican restaurant in Paris or grabbing kebab on your way while discovering streets of Barcelona. This time I have in mind homemade food. That is much more personal, something from mother’s recipe book, something more real, not for commercial reasons adapted to the taste of locals.
In December I had a possibility to check out two cuisines, which I’ve never tried before. During the trip to Morocco we were invited to Senegalese dinner. That time the host from Senegal prepared us the rice dish with onions and olives sauce. Food was really delicious, but most of all in my mind stuck the way of eating. They always do that all together from the same big plate. It is much more personal, much more intimate. I could easily adapt such great idea of eating.

My second foodie adventure was on 21st of December here in Florence. I got invitation to participate in the dinner of traditional Persian celebration called Shabe Yalda, dedicated to Iranian winter solstice. The main dish of the evening was rice with vegetables Sabdzi polo, served with veggie omelet Kuku sabdzi and very refreshing cucumber and yoghurt dip Mast va Khiar. It is incredible, how meals of the same ingredients, but prepared by people from different cultures, can have such a different taste! So, traditional Iranian food – checked. Evaluation – just perfect. Moreover, as I am vegetarian, I always appreciate new meatless recipes.

So, technically, these experiences I tried in Morocco and Italy, but deep in my heart I am feeling that I made a feather-soft touch with Senegalese and Iranian cultures too. What’s next?


2 thoughts on “My foodie experiences: African and Middle East cuisines

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