How Florence is waiting for Christmas (photos)

When you start smelling hot chocolate or cloves and mulled wine everywhere around in Florence, it means that Christmas is near. I love this part of the year, when the city dresses up with sparkles and smiles from people, carrying huge bags of presents for the ones who they love, do not disappear.
My favourite part of the day is evening, when city shows up in totally different atmosphere, billions of small lights start shining and seems that, despite of low winter temperature, all the marble warms up. Then, I go for a walk. And, when cold starts knocking on my body, I jump into cozy bar and order Vin Brulé. Tell me, have you ever heard more beautiful name for mulled wine than this?
So, this is Florence. This is the city, where I am living for the second year now. And, here is a sight, how this Italian cradle of culture is preparing for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “How Florence is waiting for Christmas (photos)

  1. This is beautiful! I’m moving there next month and I don’t speak italian! I really need some advice on what I should expect, and finding an apartment! Puh-lease?

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