Stories, brought by occasional hitchhiking

For me, as a lady, it is really too big effort to hitchhike. That’s absolutely great way to travel, I know amazing people who are reaching superb destinations only in this way and I heard many fantastic stories. But this type of travelling, as a constant moving, is not for me. However, I am doing that sometimes: when I am in the mood to have such fun or when there is really no other way to get somewhere I need. So, OK, I am not saying “no” for hitchhiking, I just don’t take it as a primary choice.
I was standing on the road with a straight hand and a thumb up in a few different countries: Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Iceland. It is simply impossible that getting into a stranger’s car would not cause any adventures. So each of my hitchhike has its own story too.

  • When I landed in Rygge airport in Norway, I was absolutely sure that I want to get to Oslo by hitchhiking. It was my very first time, when I did it alone. And, I succeeded. Exactly in three minutes absolutely near the airport stopped a car which driver was the Mayor of Rygge town. Brilliant! Really very nice and warm person. He was just after the opening of the special project related to touristic activities in a few small towns around Rygge airport, where thanks for cheap airlines land masses of tourists from all the Europe. The Mayor gave a really very good example and let know, that even the heads support such kind of travelling!
  • In Alghero airport in Sardegna for us stopped a personal driver! This man is being paid in his life by driving people, but that time he stopped and gave us a free ride to Alghero city center.
  • Do you know that it is not allowed to hitchhike in Italian paid highways? We didn’t. After half an hour of unsuccessful hitchhiking, police car with four huge smiles inside came to us. “You know, that near highways it is not allowed to hitchhike? So, OK, you pack your stuff, let us go, pretend that you didn’t see us at all and in five minutes you can start again!” Are all policemen like that? After hundred of surprised “what are you doing there?” faces and some more time of waiting finally stopped a car and took us. Our napoletano driver was driving only with his leg because hands were too busy with sandwiches, mobile phones and so many other things. Despite such his technique everything would be quite good, if not a huge speed. “Don’t be afraid. I am a driver for 20 years”, he was continuously saying to me when I started to get pale from fear… At the end everything went fine, just those almost 80 kilometers from Barberino di Mugello to Bologna we made in less than half an hour …
  • Once in Lithuania we were going from sea resort called Palanga to the most important country’s port city Klaipėda. For us two stopped a full car. Despite this fact they were ready to take us anyway, and we accepted. Ride wasn’t long, just some tens of kilometres, but overcrowded and overdosed back of a regular car was quite a challenge.
  • Literally the darkest hitchhiking was in Ibiza. During our trip there we were living around 15 kilometres outside Ibiza town and when we were getting ready to party – busses were not operating anymore. Only one way was hitchhiking. Two mini dresses in the middle of the night stopping cars? Absolutely funny to remember, but I am not sure if today I would be that brave…
  • Hitchhiking in Iceland is perfectly easy: stops nearly everybody. Just the traffic there is not that busy, so sometimes for the next car you can wait for half an hour or even much more. Once for us stopped a super fashionable Australian-born-Denmark-living-towards-New-York-heading guy, whose life fits in one luggage. Amazing, how people are not attaching to things! And then next time we were going by car and took another Australian guy, who was stuck somewhere in the Vatnajökull National park. But you can’t leave a person in the middle of nowhere to spend all the night alone, despite the fact that your car is already full!

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