My relationship with coffee: forever and ever as take-away

Imagine. Sun, summertime, light dress, city and a paper cup of coffee in your hands. Wind, blue jeans, Converse, car keys, awaiting journey and a paper cup of coffee in your hands. Snow, winter, warm gloves and a paper cup of coffee in your hands. That is magic! I adore take-away coffee. However not all countries are adopted this idea to enjoy coffee on a way.

My favourite type of coffee is Latte Macchiatto, Café Latte or simply huge cup of hot milk with a small shot of espresso. Usually I am always somewhere on a hurry, so normally I do not have time to drink my favourite coffee sitting comfortably in a nice coffee house. And here we have – to take it away is the best option.
And as long as I am living in Italy, unfortunately most of the times cannot have it in my beloved way. My survivor in weak moments becomes one world-wide-known-fast-food-chain restaurant, if I am somewhere around.
I must confess, that Italian idea I didn’t adopt as mine. During nearly two years spent in Italy I didn’t get the habit to make a quick shot of cafè at the bar while standing and then just go. For travelers this Italian coffee drinking culture should look interesting. But when you are living there, one day you stop admiring new things and returning to your own habits. I need to enjoy my cup of coffee. I need to enjoy it for long. And even if I have time to sit at the table, in Italy usually for such pleasure I need to pay a double price. Local rules.

Yes, prepared coffee in china or glass cup looks perfectly, but I just miss my perfect paper cup for take-away coffee. And if you ask da portare via in Italy, of course they will make it. But then you will get your order in a foam cup, small uncomfortable paper cup made 10 years ago or even the plastic beer glass! My funniest coffee in Italy I got in one of Cinque Terre towns, where they made it in a plastic glass, usually used for cocktails, covered with plastic wrap and gave a straw as a spoon.

But of course, I must admit that the quality and taste of Italian coffee is brilliant without any doubts. When I am travelling everywhere outside Italy, I always miss that magic taste. If I am, for example, in London, I am always heading to the nearest take-away coffee house. Habit, which I miss so much. But oh yes, the taste is magically bad. Even the perfectly known American take-away coffee chains are making it tasteless. Then I miss Italian baristas.
So, why do all goods things can’t come in one?


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