Malta: summa summarum

There are many different things to do in Malta. Do you want just to relax? Enjoy the nature? Make some diving? Go for shopping? Make intensive trips on foot? Or just go to party? All is possible in this tiny island.
There is my list of the main places I’ve visited and the main things I’ve done. Maybe you can catch the idea for you holidays from there too.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta. Town, interesting to see once. The most memorable thing for me there was a countless number of traditional Maltese wooden balconies, on every building showing up in different colours.

Mdina, the Silent city of Malta. I visited it twice: during the dark hours and during the daytime. Both times this town appeared in two different ways. In the evening it is really quiet and empty. But at the same time – lightning is too dim so it is really dark inside this walled city. However, romantic atmosphere is guaranteed. During the day you can clearly check out all the buildings, walls, admire panoramic views. But be prepared for the masses of tourists.

Dingli cliffs. Lovely site of nature, where you can admire the views of open Mediterranean sea and small Filfla island. As well this place is considered as the highest point of Malta. Small St. Mary Madgalene’s church, placed right on the edge, should not be missed. The round radar for air traffic control gives a special charm for this nature site.

Blue Grotto. Natural caves, which are the biggest in the area, and blue sea. This place is famous not only for admirers, but for diver too. I was there during the sunset and views were really Once you are there – do not forget to put attention to the smell of the air – small wild thymes are growing all around!

Neolithic temples of Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim. Such architectural masterpieces, located in Qrendi area, are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. Visitors can check out not only those outside complexes of temples, but the inside museum too. Interesting place to visit, but shivers were not going down my spine…

Hypogeum in Paola – a place must visit for admirers of the archeology. This is an underground prehistoric burial site. When you are looking to the entrance of the museum in a regular building on a regular street you can’t even imagine what kind of cellars are hidden down there. But book tickets for Hypogeum in advance, because there excursions are only guided and at once – no more that 10 visitors!

Gozo. Beautiful Maltese island, which should not be rejected. This is a perfect location for one day trip. Read about it more: One day getaway to a quiet Maltese island, called Gozo.
Languages. Maltese and English are two official languages in Malta. So there is absolutely no problem to communicate in English: probably everybody from little to old will answer you perfectly.

British legacy follows you everywhere: left-hand traffic, red telephone boxes, British food in the supermarkets, British clothing stores, fish & chips restaurants, even daily newspapers from Britain. I should say that this is absolutely lovely. To spend time in Mediterranean country and drink my favourite British cider was perfect without any doubts.

Parties. Paceville in San Ġiljan is the main place for party tigers in the whole island. And seems, that this place really never sleeps. During my travel I hit quite many different pubs and clubs there. However I was not fascinated that much. Of course all depends on personal interests, but I would come back to Malta for the nature, but not for the Paceville.

Buses. I heard that Maltese buses are not very into the schedule, but with this aspect I face only once. What I really can tell that it always takes a lot of time to reach your destination. If you want to cross from one part of the island to another, be prepared for a journey of a few hours. And don’t forget that drivers go fast, stop fast, and on your ride you are always feeling like in a shaker.
What locals say about travelling in Malta on foot. “Malta on foot – is impossible. And, even dangerous”, woman from Tourism information centre in the airport. But that isn’t right. Malta can definitely be travelled only on foot. Even pedestrian paths are nearly on all the roads! So, if you have this idea – just go for it!
“Gozo on foot – is impossible. When your ferry will arrive to Mġarr you will see a very step mountain in front, what simply cannot be made on foot. Take a bus!” – receptionist in my hotel. Nonsense. Yes, there is an uphill, but nothing like a “steep mountain”. Gozo on foot I think is an amazing choice. Just go for it!
Quote of the journey. “When it’s black – it makes you fear, when it’s white – it makes you feel like fed up”, – hotel receptionists about coffee during the breakfast.
What I liked most? Europe is Europe and even in the southern countries winter is winter. But who said it? I really did not expect before that in the middle of November, when in some countries even snow appears, I could be getting a suntan and enjoying swimming in the sea.
As well in Malta was great for me just to walk on promenades after the dark: sounds of the sea, city lights, evening joggers, people, sitting on the benches and silently looking somewhere far, and you, discovering a new place.


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