Colourful mosaic of Maltese wooden balconies

Colourful wooden balconies is a particular feature of Maltese architecture. It is simply impossible not to notice them.
Such traditional wooden balconies to this country came most likely in the middle of 18th century. And that is closely related with the influence from Northern Africa. Soon this new feature became popular and got the status of fashion.
To preserve those wooden balconies from climate changes, from sun and rain, locals started to use paint. First it was due to wood strengthening and enriching this material with oils. But at the end colours by themselves gave a very strong feature for the culture of country. When walking in Maltese streets, you can find a huge variety of different choices: starting with various shades of regular green, continuing with calm yellow, white, grey, and finishing with intensive purple or blue. Even on one building all the balconies can be painted in different colours.
I should say that it is like a walking in the open-air museum. And, you never know, what kind of colour is expecting you on the next corner.


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