Malta: first impressions

Malta is a tiny island, located 80 km south of Sicily. And really tiny, because to fly over it by plane lasted just some tens of seconds. But it absolutely doesn’t mean, that the size of a place can somehow affect things, which you can find there. This country really has to offer the variety of sites and activities by everyone’s taste. Nature lovers, archeology devotees, archeology fans and party lions – everybody can fulfill their interests in Malta.
Till now passed less than 48 hours that I landed in Malta, but I already made some observations.
  • Malta is the ex-British colony, so not surprising that some things are like in Great Britain: left-hand traffic, red telephone boxes, restaurants with fish/meat & chips, supermarkets full of British goods and my favourite clothing stores, for which I adore London.
  • The Southeastern part of Malta is really very calm. There you can mainly find the local villages, rural landscapes, scenic nature views, ancient temples. The absolute opposite for this part is lively, noisy and always-partying-never-sleeping Saint Julian’s, especially the area of Paceville – party paradise of Malta, as they say.
  • I had a pleasure to visit Mdina twice. One at night, what I always love, and one – in the daylight. This town is called as a Silence city and in the late evening – it is really so. Around there is nothing. Nothing. Just beautiful walls and absolute silence. In the daytime everything becomes different: masses of visitors, restaurants and shops opened mainly for tourists, appearance of horse carriages. Nothing in common with a real silence. But all the complex of buildings and tiny streets is beautiful without any doubts.
  • Weather forecast predicted only heavy rains on my planned time there, but till now rain I saw only in the mornings. Yes, then it’s very windy, wet and cold, but already in the midday it becomes really very warm. To take out all the jackets and change boots into sandals or open heels sounds as a good idea! But at the same time, around 5pm, when sun goes down, mildness turns to chill.
  • It is absolutely comfortable because wi-fi you can catch nearly everywhere. There are so many different hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and other companies, who offer the free one. Just check the available connections right there in the street.
  • Unless you are in a hurry – a big “no” for the shuttle buses with doubled prices from Malta airport to anywhere on the island, because for 2.6 Eur you can buy a regular daily bus ticket, which is valid everywhere across the country till 11pm. Just it really takes time to go from one point to another. Even if Malta is so tiny, buses are stopping in many stops, crossing cities out of the straight way, what really extends the journey. In the morning rush hours from Sliema, where at first I am based, I needed to reach Paola, what with a bus change in Valetta took me more than hour. For better understanding the straight way is around 8.5km, and to make this distance 20min supposed to be enough. A good thing is always to have a bus routes’ map with you.

To be continued…


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