Truffles’ fair in San Miniato – paradise of free gourmet food tastings

There is a call for all the gourmets from all over the world: Mr. White truffle is born! And this is not a joke, because there are so many haute couture food worshipers, who are really crossing half the world to eat or buy those so-called diamonds of the kitchen.
Italy is one those few lucky countries on planet Earth, where truffles are growing. More precisely could be, for example, hills around San Miniato in Tuscany. However, it is not so easy to find them, as truffles are growing underground. Actually without trained dogs, or earlier times – without trained pigs, having extremely good sense of smell would be nearly impossible to carry out this mission.
November is the main truffle picking month, so due to this reason Italy starts organizing truffle fairs for this special creation of nature. One of the most famous one is held in San Miniato. To visit Sagra del Tartufo there is really very huge entertainment. I did that last year and was really pleasantly surprised. Let’s start from the fact that this fair is really huge and fulfills nearly all the streets and corners of this small town. Numbers of different local producers are representing their artisan food treasures, of which mainly all are flavoured with white or black truffles. As well you can buy the real truffles too.
Prices – is different kind of aspect, worth mentioning there. They are fantastic and range between hundreds and hundreds of thousands Eur per kilogram. And really, there are people who are paying such money without any heartache. In my hands I had a pleasure to hold for a while a huge tartufo bianco, which cost exactly 2000 Eur. However, I must admit that on exact moment my brains didn’t realize that value… But of course such prices are for the pieces of real truffles, not for the products, containing them.

This tartufo bianco fair is amazing for the possibility to have free tastings of nearly all products made with truffles. Each producer kindly offers you such degustation, as well – tells the story about his production. Of course, you are always expected to buy something afterwards, but don’t feel bad if you are not planning to do so. Just enjoy the taste, which is absolutely the best in this season of the year: truffles, used in the products, are from this season, fresh, so very aromatic. And, the previous aspect is more than obvious even without tasting – smell of the air in town speaks by itself.
Pieces or infusions of this culinary gold can be used in so many ways: for various cheeses, meat products, pâtés, olive oil, even honey. And this is just a small list of delicacies, which could be found in Sagra del Tartufo in San Miniato.

All my experiences I am sharing from last year event. That was really an absolutely amazing time there, so can really strongly suggest – if you are hanging around Tuscany this month, definitely don’t miss such gourmet fair. Dates of this year’s sagra are 9th-10th, 16th-17th and 23th-24th of November.


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