Unveiled fashion secrets: Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci museums

Florence is a huge cultural pearl in the whole world. You can find there everything, what you want: art masterpieces, stunning architecture, Arno river flowing with romance, small idyllic Italian streets, greatest wine and food. But let’s not forget that fashion plays a huge role in this city too. During the Renaissance Florence was European centre of textile production. And how many of wealthy ladies and gentlemen from those times were wearing locally made high-class clothing…
Today situation in this area is carrying the same importance. Let’s start with prestigious Italian fashion school Polimoda, various fashion fairs annually held there and so many haute couture stores and boutiques all over the city. Florence is really not shy about fashion.
For those, who are interested in beautiful stories how today famous fashion companies started their way to the great success, visiting Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci museums in Florence suppose to be a “must do” thing.

Salvatore Ferragamo museum, located in piazza Santa Trinita, displays a huge collection of shoes, photographs and various creations made by Salvatore Ferragamo. Really, it could easily be some kind of a paradise for the footwear fashion lovers.
This museum by itself for me looked like a fairy tale. And I even had a patience to watch a video story shown there from the beginning to the very end.
I should say, that Salvatore Ferragamo museum could look like a perfect plan for a Sunday visit. Put on a light dress, cover up with your favourite jacket, grab a hand of your friend, stop for cappuccino and still warm cornetto on your way and finally go for Ferragamo!

If Salvatore Ferragamo museum for me was like a fairy tale, so Gucci museum is an absolute classics. All the history of this fashion giant there is precisely locked up in the frames of glass. Absolutely amazing Gucci suitcases (I want all of them!) – that’s what stuck in my memory best.
Location of the museum is very great – straight in the piazza della Signoria. If you have some work to do – bring your computer there and have a refined seat with free wi-fi at the Gucci café.

by Gintarė Adamonytė


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