The fairytale of the best Sicilian sweets named cannoli

Italy is full of so many salty, spicy and sweet treasures for palate. Food is nearly everything there. Every region is proud of their cuisine varieties, particularities and secret recipes, which only nonna can reveal. But I am not about the deep analysis of Italian gastronomic world. All that is about the taste, which I had an honor to experience during my summer trip to Sicily. And, it was his Majesty Mr. Cannoli – tube-shaped pastry, filled with cream, usually made from ricotta cheese. Despite the fact, that this sweet born in Palermo, I was absolutely able to find the best ones in the coastal town of Taormina. For me already prepared sweets from the fridges are not very attractive, and if they have so many colors on top – I am definitely trying to outrun such places selling them as fast as possible.
On that fateful hot Sicilian night in Taormina we were just walking around and accidently hit the Place. The Place, where a woman takes a tube-shape pastry and fills it up with fresh ricotta cream, flavored with natural citrus, in front of your eyes. Mmm, so fresh, so creamy, not too sweet, and simply so good… And when you are in this pasticceria, you even need to search well, or better to ask, ‘cause there are nearly no signs, if they are selling cannoli at all. But remember, how they are telling that all the best things are hidden and you need to put some effort in finding them?

So if once in Taormina, located in the Eastern part of Sicily, – definitely go for the search of those perfect cannoli. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the Place, but if you let yourself to get lost in small streets – you will definitely find it and immediately understand, what I had in mind.


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