A pleasant surprise in the airport – free beer tasting

It is always so wonderful to be surprised. And this time I have in mind one adventure in Porto airport, from where some time ago I had a flight.
After passing the security control and getting down the stairs I was pleasantly invited to free tasting of local craft beer. They were representing two types: lager and dark. Moreover, together went one-bite snacks with diverse fillings. And all that was about learning some parings: which taste can go best with different type of beer. Perfect end of the old journey and a start of a new one, no?

Maybe such degustations in airports are quite common, but in my travelling history it was the very first time that I experienced it.
Generally speaking, I am always so lucky with Porto airport. I had flights from there a few times and all of them were filled up with happy moments, such as this beer tasting or very successful accessory shopping. And the previous aspect is very important, ‘cause which lady wouldn’t be happy with perfectly fitting sunglasses or a fantastic clutch, combined together with amazing memories form the trip?


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