10 passions, which can be fulfilled in Bremen

Bremen – a perfect idea for a weekend trip. Especially, when cheap airlines from time to time are offering really extremely low cost flights to this city. Want to get lost in between tiny narrow streets, cozy squares, medieval city walls, beautiful architecture, wine cellars and dream about luck, which will be brought by the legendary Bremen Town Musicians? So, this destination is perfect for you!
Have a passion for picturesque Old Tows? So Bremen is absolutely perfect for that. Altstadt, surrounded by Weser river, starts with the Marktplatz market square and ends with the Schnoor Viertel quarter. Just have a walk in there and get involved into the depth of the soul of this Hanseatic Old Town!

Have a passion for four musicians with fur and feathers? So, this is definitely the best city for it in the whole world. The legendary Town musicians of Bremen there will show up you everywhere: starting with the famous bronze statue of a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster and finishing with huge number of edible and non-edible souvenirs. Statue could be found near the Town Hall. Once you will reach it – don’t forget to rub donkey’s leg with both hands. That will help your biggest wish to come true. Interesting fact about Town musicians of Bremen statues is that their models could be found in front of all five Veterinary schools over Germany.

Have a passion for small streets? So Schnoor Viertel won’t leave you emotionless. This quarter is famous for narrow, tiny streets and medieval fishing houses. Nowadays the smell of the fish won’t reach your nostrils anymore: houses are occupied by artisans, jewelry shops, galleries, small restaurants and cafés. That is really a nice part of the city to visit.

Have a passion for Christmas? So, you can’t skip the Weihnachts Träume shop, opened the whole year. This treasure of Santa Claus, beautiful winter celebration, and Christmas decorations can be found in the previously mentioned Schnoor Viertel.

Have a passion for promenades? So make a nice walking across the Weser river, which was very important water route during Hanseatic trading times. Weserufer Schlachte promenade, located so close to the Old Town, will offer you lively atmosphere filled up with various restaurants and cafés.
Have a passion for science? So don’t miss the adventure, offered by Universum Bremen. This huge science centre invites the visitors to various exhibitions related with humans, our planet and cosmos. Despite the huge quantity of exhibits, the most memorable one for me was the platform with sofa, where you can sit for a while and experience the power of three different earthquakes, which actually happened in reality.

Have a passion for forces of darkness? So, don’t miss the ghost walk of vampires and witches. Such tour won’t let your imagination stay still, when mysterious parts of the Old town will be shown, spooky cellars opened and stories about mummies and witch hunt told.
Have a passion for beer? So it is absolutely essential to join the Beck’s Brewery tour, which offers visiting of museum, brewery house, store and beer tasting at the end.
Have a passion for water routes? So take one of the boat tours or cruises in the Weser river. As well – participate in boat party!
Have a passion for shopping? So head into one of the markets, held in Bremen: flower market, flea market, antique market or any other. Choose by your taste!


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