Once upon a time I’ve spent a night in airport…

I love comfort. But getting out from it usually sticks in memory much stronger. I am definitely not an expert of sleeping in airports, however, a few times in my life I tried this way of spending the nighttime. Italy, UK, Norway, India: how did it look like for me all over there?

For the very first time in my life it happened around five years ago in Liverpool airport in the UK. One fast food chain then was having comfortable red sofas there, where, if you were lucky enough to find not occupied one, could have a perfectly good sleep. Though a few years later, when again I needed to sleep in Liverpool airport, situation has been changed. Red sofas disappeared so unfortunately all the night I spent sitting on the wooden chair at the wooden table.
Probably the best sleep once I had in Bologna airport, where I was lucky to find one comfortable armchair. At least six hours of uninterrupted dreams really gave me a good rest and energy for Paris, which was waiting in the early morning of next day. However, if speaking about Italy, Pisa airport, very popular with cheap flights to various destinations, is closing at night. I didn’t try it by myself, but during really warm summer I saw numbers of people sleeping straight outside the terminal building on benches, grass or other possibly comfortable places.
Probably the most memorable sleeping for me was in New Delhi airport before coming back home after the trip in India. I am not a ground person, but there we simply didn’t care. Sleeping bag became our mattress and some clothes appeared as perfect pillows. New Delhi airport is not letting people get in earlier than six hours before the scheduled flights. They didn’t let us in as well, ‘cause we had way much longer to wait. But we tried the next door and were warmly welcome inside. Sometimes easy tricks can help a lot. So, I remember ourselves having hot drinks in one of opened cafés and afterwards preparing a temporary bunk on the floor. Sleep was quite good though I woke up with double red eye, bitten by some of local bugs. But there is nothing bad in life from what later you couldn’t make laugh!
And last time I spent a night in Oslo Rygge airport in Norway. But there was no possibility to sleep at all. I spent all time sitting and reading The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. So all the hours, which passed there, for me was more like luxurious parties and fatal love affairs than cold Norwegian night and sitting on the hard wooden chair.
For me sleeping in the airport is not the priority thing at all. This way I am choosing only if I am having extremely early morning flights. Of course it has nothing in common with comfort, but all such experiences always make memorable stories! Aren’t they?


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