Wine tour in Tuscany: getting dizzy before midday

Some countries in the world are extremely famous for the wine. Some particular regions in the same wine countries – as well are carrying significant importance. And then go some worldwide known names of the products, which are coming from those particular regions. As an example we are having Tuscany region in Italy. This part of the planet is beautiful with idyllic hilly views, covered up with vineyards and countless number of wineries where all who are passing by are welcome. I agree that today wine tours are starting to smell a bit like a cliché, but even if it is so, isn’t really interesting to get known wine better? So, once in Tuscany, all the wine lovers should definitely visit at least one chosen winery. To do so is more than easy: if you don’t want to make any planning by yourself – book something from your hotel, cause in this region a good selection of guided wine tours is provided everywhere. Another idea – to make a small research and head to your chosen point by rented car.

Have your ever heard about red Chianti Classico wine? Or maybe noticed the label with a black rooster? There are so many other types of a good wine in Tuscany as well, but this time we’ve chosen to get know better this classics. Once I was told, that if you need somewhere to bring wine and are not sure which one to choose, with Chianti Classico you can always be safe. Absolutely perfect place to find wineries making it is around Greve in Chianti area, which is located nearly 40 km South from Florence.
Our choice for a wine tour was Castello di Verrazzano winery. With guide we were walking around the castle, listening to stories about wine making process, grapes, visiting wine cellars, seeing full barrels of young as well as mature wine, and afterwards – for sure enjoying the tasting. Trying different types of red Chianti Classico, guessing the aftertastes, asking various questions was really interesting game. And having such a relaxing activity before lunch makes your day way much different than any others…..

I couldn’t say which wine tour or winery should be the best in Tuscany, but in my opinion nearly all need to be good. Simply because this region is too famous for wine making and not providing the best quality of wine tourism for a small wineries would cost too much.
Do I recommend in general such wine tour? Definitely yes. Italians could give all their heart for the wine, so they will definitely provide you the coziest and most involving meeting with their beloved type of wine.

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