Wild and windy Grenen, where North and Baltic seas collide

I love the collisions, when two or more huge nature elements meet: seas, rivers, tectonic plates or even day and night, when on early morning flights sometimes in one side you still can see black and in another – beautiful red dawn coming.
My last biggest collision seen was in the northernmost point of Denmark, called Grenen, where the North and Baltic seas meet. It is really amazing, when, thanks to different densities, you are able to see the clear dividing line. Or even to put your feet in two different basins. Yes, it could sound perfectly romantic to jump out from your clothes and dive into the mixed water of two wavy giants as well. However think twice before doing so, ‘cause due to collision and turbulent seas it is dangerous. Signs won’t let you forget that.

But to be there is really fantastic: to walk on beautiful fine sand, see the seas, breath clear water and be caught up by a big wind. Special charm for this place is added by the lighthouse and German bunkers from the World War II too. By the way, for those, who are interested in previously mentioned things, to visit Bunker museum in nearby town of Skagen should sound as an interesting idea.
Yes, even on summertime the wind in Grenen can be very strong, so better be prepared and have something to cover up with. As well have in mind that to walk from the parking lot to the collision point of North and Baltic seas takes around half an hour.

We were going to Skagen from Aarhus so at the same time before and after it made a few more stops as well. Are you into castles? So Voergård Castle, which is actually the Renaissance manor house, could be a really nice spot to see and walk around. Are you in to smaller port towns? Then – have lunch in Frederikshavn. Want to feel the charm of students’ town? So on you way back have a stop for evening treasures in Aalborg.


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