Pliskovica: when all what you see, breath and smell is wine

Slovenia is not only about Ljubljana or Lake Bled. Sometimes cities, like capital, or extremely touristic destinations, like famous nature sites, could be not visited at all, and great impression about the country can be made with other elements. My Slovenia – was only about wine. I remember perfectly well, when one summer we’ve arrived to a tiny village named Pliskovica, located just around 10 km from Italian border, for one eco project. It was already after dark, but that couldn’t lessen our desire to get a sip of wine. Only one existing shop in this place was already closed, but there is no situation, which could not be solved. In a narrow dim lighted street we met a woman with a dog. Our question, how would be possible to get wine at this hour, she understood very clearly despite her little English. “Come with me, I have a friend”, – and we started following. After a short walk the necessary house was reached. Woman knocked at the door and very quickly they were opened by a man. “Please, come in”, – we’ve got the invitation just some moments after they shared a few Slovenian phrases. Wine cellars and full barrels were waiting for us. Man, who was a wine maker, not only told about his production, said that nearly all people living in Pliskovica are making wine in their homes or explained a bit about local viticulture, but offered a free tasting as well. While we were speaking, our glasses were becoming filled up by one or another type of homely made wine. 

Pliskovica – absolutely great place to visit for wine lovers. Tiny streets, traditional houses, stony walls and wide vineyards won’t leave emotionless too. Knock almost on each door – and be invited for wine tasting. Some locals are selling home made wine straight from barrels, some – are having mini shops, some are pouring it to used plastic bottles, some – selling in already prepared regular glass…
We tried quite many different types of wine during our visit in this Slovenian village, but my favourite one stayed red dessert liqueur one.

Must be said as well, that in this tiny Pliskovica is a small cozy youth hostel, where those who are thirsty for tranquility and wine, could stay.


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