25 shades of Napoli and its surroundings (II)

So I want to continue with all my experienced shades in Campania region. Why not to speak more about surroundings of Napoli, let’s say – very famous spots as Ancient Pompeii or mount Vesuvius? By the way, if somebody will tell you that to visit both in one day is impossible – just don’t listen to them and go for it. I did it and you will do too.
First part of my summer story could be read there: 25 shades of Napoli and its surroundings (I). And here we have the second.


16. Circumvesuviana train line from Garibaldi railway station will bring you both to Herculaneum and Pompeii. Be prepared for high number of people traveling with the same aim as you.
17. Ancient Pompeii is the place must visit if you are in the area. But have in mind, that to see all the ruins takes time. It can be at least few hours, but for others full day could not look too long. Just if you are getting in the Ancient Pompeii during the hot season – take care about the sun protection, because there are not so many shadows there!
18. Inside the Ancient Pompeii there is cafeteria, where you can have a nice lunch or break with an ice-cream and where the prices are not too high. But to think about water from regular supermarket before getting in the ruins area –is a good idea.
19. It was so funny on the extremely hot June day to see all those tired, red from sun and sweaty people who all had the same aim – to visit this ancient area. The heat was killing everybody and at the same time making each other closer. By the way, on those ancient streets you can find basins with running tap water, which are just an amazing refreshment!

20. Wanna got on top of Vesuvius? You can do it from Pompeii. Just have in mind that 4×4 car will bring you nearly the top but anyway it will be around 20 min on foot to climb and reach the top. Elevation of Vesuvius is 1281 meters, not that high, so the weather on summertime stays really hot. But a glass of fresh wine or cold coke from the minishop on top refreshes very good!
21. What is the feeling being on the volcano? The fact by itself that you are on the volcano! But there is another aspect. When you are there – all the surrounding shows up as breathtaking, craters, panoramic views, but something is missing on the sight… The volcano! I am always having this feeling when I am somewhere very high on some important objects and in the whole wonderful view I am missing exactly that object on which I am standing. Don’t you have it?
22. The last eruption of mount Vesuvius was in 1944. And it will definitely erupt again, just nobody can tell when exactly. Our guide told that actually there is no plan how to evacuate people…
23. The best known eruption of Mount Vesuvius was in 79 AD. Then close cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried. Today you can visit ancient ruins by both of them. Pompeii I did, and Herculaneum I left for my next visit any other time, which I want to combine with Amalfi coast.
24. Imagination working good? Mine was working too good when I was imagining exact moment when Pompeii people were buried by ash and volcanic rocks and Herculaneum people who simply immediately evaporated from the heat…

25. That noise in the train back from Pompeii to Napoli was just fantastic. Many teenagers were travelling on it and communicating with each other so loudly. It was really very interesting to watch their communicational peripeteia and manners. I love those experiences when you can have a look in the real life. And various types of public transportation is a very good way to do that. What I’ve noticed on that train, that all the teenage boys were having totally the same half-shaved hairstyle. I am not good in explaining hair looks, so you can google it for understanding. Yes, this is the trend now, but to see such a big concentration of absolutely the same look in one place added some extra impressions.


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