25 shades of Napoli and its surroundings (I)

I’ve spent quite much time of my life in the Northern part of Italy and a few months ago the most Southern my visited point was only Rome. So when I just got a possibility to make a short runaway in this part of country – I immediately used it.

Travelling facts:

  • Flight from Milano Malpensa to Napoli airport with Easyjet;
  • Train from Napoli to Florence with Trenitalia.

If you are booking tickets in advance – you could save incredibly. For example, it is possible to make the distance of 480 km with a train for 9 Euros only.


It was really hot June midday, when my plane landed in Napoli airport. Very quickly I got out from there, grabbed a shuttle bus (4 Eur one way) to Napoli Garibaldi station and started my short trip in the South of Italy – capital of Campania region and the birthplace of the famous pizza Margherita. It happened, that exactly during this visit I’ve finished reading one story of shades in number fifty, yeah, you know what I mean, so very naturally I have an urge to name my visit in this Italian city with resembling it. So, how do the 25 shades of Napoli and its surroundings showed up for me?

1. I totally fell in love with Napoli international airport. It is big enough, really very modern and full of various facilities.
2. Neapolitans are underlining very good the heat which is going with hot and the freeze which is going with cold. For instance, they are used to make coffee in extremely hot cups. So be aware of that! At the same time, together with cold beer they will bring you a glass, took straight from the freezer, so all covered with a thin layer of ice.

3. Pizza Margherita, my favourite one by the way, was born exactly in Napoli. So of course I wanted to try it there as well and definitely – with mozzarella di bufala, which is from Campania region. OMG. This was more than amazing and I’ve really never ate better pizza in all my life. But of course, like everywhere – you need to know the right place. I was lucky to have my personal Napoli guides, who showed me it.
4. Usually they are serving coffee already with sugar, because this drink is much more stronger than in other parts of Italy. So, if you want without – you should tell it on the moment of ordering.
5. Despite on the fact that semi-frozen lemon dessert Granita is Sicilian-born, but in Napoli you can find it on every corner as well. And yes, in extremely hot June this is so refreshing.

6. Mid June, 1 am at night, outside +32°C.
7. Napoli – very particular city and I am very happy that finally I visited it. I heard a lot of various stories from people about it, especially – about safety. But I think situation there is absolutely the same like in every other city. Believe in your common sense and enjoy your staying.
8. There are a lot of stray dogs but they don’t seem dangerous. I saw many in the centre of Napoli, but probably the most interesting place meeting them was the ruined Pompeii city. Even the signs there are telling not to feed them and act carefully. But what do these poor ones are making in this archaeological site?
9. Want to get up to your own flat, located in upper floor, with elevator? Small payment can be required. For example, just put 10 Euro cents coin in the special machine and go up with elevator or climb the stairs with your own feet. It’s up to you!
10. The red light in the streets or pedestrian crossing in Napoli doesn’t mean anything. So look around well before crossing the street and run. As well – try to make a distance with the roadway when walking on sidewalks. Traffic has different kind of meaning there.
11. Money. In general South of Italy is cheaper than North. But when you are there just for a few days – probably you won’t feel this difference. You need to know exact places if you want to save, because the most noticeable ones – are always with higher prices, almost the same like in in Italian North. I am speaking about bars, restaurants and etc. Something can be even more expensive. For example, my beloved Spritz cocktail in the main square in Verona can cost 2,5 Eur, while in on the Neapolitan squares – it is 5 Eur. Entrance to touristic sight places – is the some or even more expensive than in the Italian North.
12. Yes, unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish in the streets. But it’s up to you, if you want to notice them on every step…
13. Historical centre of Napoli is not the main area of the city full of lively entertainments. On the contrary. Mainly people are living there. But if you want to feel the unique Neapolitan atmosphere – this is the place: narrow streets, idyllic view of hanging drying clothes and people from ground floors living almost right there on the street.
14. To get lost in Historic centre of Napoli with tiny streets is extremely easy. Just do it, because this is really funny!

15. Two Italian ladies on the train from Napoli to Pienza, what is in the North of Italy, were carrying two huge portable coolers full of mozzarella di bufala. And only for self-consumption. “Yes, yes, because there is no mozzarella in Italian North”, – they were explaining loudly. Love to see Italians being so precise about the food.

To be continued…


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