Icelandic miracle: first acquaintance with country by making the Golden Circle

Once in Iceland, it is simply impossible not to notice always steaming ground. Seems that under your feet everything is boiling. But then have a look in one side – you will see mountains with white caps, hiding widest glaciers, look in another – fields of absolutely beautiful purple lupines will be blooming in front of your eyes. Have a step further from Reykjavik and you’ll see just moss covered lava fields. Another step will open you huge areas of green grass, where sheep are creating their own kingdom. No trees to hide, no shadow to catch. And the nearest human being, despite on travellers passing by, are hundred kilometres away. Iceland is wild, Iceland is beautiful. Doesn’t matter where you will choose to go – with every step scenic views will touch you. And the feeling of nature’s strength will not leave you all the time while you’ll be there. Nature’s strength and existence of elves as well as hidden people. Icelanders truly believe in them. In ghosts – as well. People there are the old Vikings, living in their own world, having their own beliefs, formed in this island, isolated by North And Atlantic oceans. Iceland is simply magic.

About this country there could be told countless various stories, but I will start exactly with few most famous places to visit. If you arrive in Iceland, you will definitely make that so-called Golden Circle route: by yourself with rented car or with touristic bus excursion. Those sites, located quite close to Reykjavik, are being visited by nearly all tourists coming to Iceland, but it is really worth to do so. In this case to skip those places and concentrate on travelling out of beaten path wouldn’t be that wise. ‘Cause wild Iceland by itself is out of beaten path…
So, firstly Golden Circle day tour will include Þingvellir national park where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are meeting, and where the first Icelandic Parliament Alþingi, which as well was one of the oldest in the world, was established. Do not expect civilisation there: everything is about the nature.

Then next – Haukadalur geothermal area is definitely waiting for you, where everything what you see is steam, hot springs, Strokkur eruptions and boiling of other smaller geysers.

Strokkur is the most well-known geyser in Iceland. It erupts every 4-8 minutes, so if once you didn’t capture well the eruption, soon there will be another chance to do so.

After such views you will have a possibility to feel the strength of Gullfoss waterfall, which is just 10 kilometers away from geysers’ area. If you’ll arrive on a lucky moment, maybe the rainbow will show up over those Golden falls. You cannot imagine how many photographs with professional techniques are waiting there for hours to catch a-million-worth shoot.

If you are traveling by your own car – interesting idea going from geysers to Gullfoss direction, quickly turn left to Haukadalur woods. You will find a planted forest with perfect hiking paths, what is really unusual for Iceland while naturally trees are not growing there. As well in those woods you will find very old wooden church.
When making this Golden Circle route don’t forget always on your way to look around. I am quite sure that wild horses with mane colour of shining gold or black as coal will show up for you! Horseback riding in this area is very popular, so freely pasturing horses in huge fields is very common view.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Icelandic miracle: first acquaintance with country by making the Golden Circle

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  2. Unfortunately in this case I cannot tell anything about such prices, ’cause we had a car and needed to take care only about the petrol. But in all the cases it is absolutely useful to rent a car and go further as much as possible from Reykjavik and travel more around the island. If you are not thinking about bigger trips – then could be than bus excursion of Golden circle would be cheaper. But if you are thinking about more organised bus excursions in different parts of Iceland, then car rental at the end, like everywhere else, suppose to cost less.

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