Portuguese wedding – huge traditional food fest

In all the countries wedding traditions are different. Even if religion is the same, after the official ceremony celebrations have their own scenarios. I had a pleasure to participate in traditional Portuguese wedding, held close to Coimbra, and want to share my experiences there.
Privacy of bride and groom and all the personal aspects will be locked under the nine lockers, but I really could not stay with a mouth shut about the ball itself. Celebration was amazing and real gourmets should be going crazy.
So there comes a moment for revealing Portuguese wedding tradition and invite the readers to a huge food fest. I’ve never seen before in my life such a full wedding in terms of eating. And how it all started? After very beautiful ceremony in the church everybody started moving towards the cottage where the ball was held. And there is possibility for me to interrupt about number of guests, as later I will concentrate only to the food aspect. So, in those wedding were invited around 150 people what it is considered as a quite small celebration ‘cause usually in Portugal this number can easily grow up to 300.
At the beginning all the guests were invited into the starting open-air reception with various drinks and traditional snacks. There was such a big variety of them, that my brains could never remember all, but I think everyone there should fall in love with those one-bite sandwiches made with local bread, white Portuguese cheese and pumpkin jam!
After some time everybody continued the wedding reception inside. And what we’ve found on the set tables? Menu cards with written down dishes, which were waiting for getting inside the stomachs.

And soon it all started for real. Rolling pastry with seafood and Provence herbs as a starter. Then a bit later waiters showed up with huge bowls of hot soups. Seafood, leeks’ one or both to taste? After went codfish, or Bacalhau, in Portuguese way. Then came absolutely delicious milky sparkle icy drink – for refreshment, taking out the tastes of previous meals and prepare taste receptors for the next dish, which was pork. After some time arrived a dessert moment – crepes with ice-cream and berries sauce. It is essential to mention as well the fact, that all meals were followed by various types of wine. I was totally impressed by Vinho Verde, what literally means “green wine”, but actually is a “young wine”.

Really tasty as well as interesting to try food, good wine and perfect mood: that could be the end of sitting at the tables and start moving in the dance floor. It continued exactly in this scenario but some time later everybody again were invited to eat. Just this time idea changed from serving at the tables to visiting newly opened buffet area. And there eyes were seeing numbers of tables with countless variety of dishes: seafood, what is very important in country with such geographic position, salads, desserts, and everything else what one could imagine.
You should think that it was the end. Unfortunately, your idea would be wrong. The real finish line for food was the wedding cake.

Necessary to repeat it once again – Portuguese wedding is an absolute paradise for gourmets! Synthesis of traditions, quality and variety really creates a miracle. And to touch this miracle – is really huge experience.
I asked why is it so as it is and got the simple answer: “Because the food and amount of it is the core element of such celebration in traditional Portuguese way”.


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